The Secret to No More Hot Spots On Dogs

The Secret to No More Hot Spots On Dogs 2

What Are Hot Spots On Dogs?

Hot spots on dogs (also referred to as acute moist dermatitis) are a common skin condition found in dogs and cats with long hair or thick, dense undercoats. Hot spots are characterized by moist, raw, circular-shaped lesions which are inflamed. They are painful and usually found on the head, along the chest and over the hip area.

Your pet will bite, lick and scratch the lesion causing further inflammation and irritation of the skin. The lesions usually appear suddenly and increase dramatically in size. Dog breeds such as St. Bernards, Golden retrievers and younger dogs are predisposed to acute moist dermatitis.

What Causes Hot Spots?what causes Hot spots on dogs

Hot spots on dogs are often caused by allergies, flea bites, mosquito bites, ear infections, poor grooming, injury, cut or wound as well as degenerative joint and anal gland disease.

Sometimes, boredom, loneliness, stress and anxiety may also cause animals to scratch and bite themselves resulting in hot spots. If left untreated these lesions can become infected and spread to other areas of the skin.

Natural Remedies

Natural and holistic remedies are beneficial for both humans and animals. They are a gentle and safe alternative for breeds of all ages, and also support overall health and wellbeing.

Supporting the Kidney And Liver with a regular detox a couple times a year can be very beneficial in ongoing relief of hot spots and allergies in dogs.

The liver and kidneys play a pivotal role in eliminating toxins from your dog’s body. If they end up overburdened beyond their natural design, they may eventually become fatigued.

When the liver and kidneys aren’t performing at their best, it can significantly impact your dog’s overall health and vitality, affecting their overall performance and well-being.

We offer Kidney Cleanse Naturally and Liver Cleanse Naturally supplements for dogs.

These supplements are thoughtfully formulated to aid in the detoxification and support of your dog’s kidneys and liver, vital organs crucial for maintaining peak health.

Allergy Support for Dogs is Critical

Along with supporting the Liver and Kidneys using an allergy supplement is recommended. Allergy Free Naturally for Dog Allergies is a unique synergistic blend of powerful herbs to help prevent dog allergies and keep your pet from itching and scratching.

Herbs such as Red Clover, Rosehip, Burdock, Kelp, Nettle, Garlic, Oregon Grape, Flaxseed and Fenugreek provide symptomatic relief for itchiness, scratching, redness and burning and restores the skin and coat back to health. 

How to Ease Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

how to ease separation anxiety in dogs

Separation Anxiety is dogs can occur when the dog is left alone or feels stressed. Some dogs get hyper-attached to their owners and become agitated when they leave causing the dog to resort to destructive behavior. 

Destructive behavior is usually external in that he may destroy your favorite shoes, claw the door, chew the leg of an end table, or tear up his dog bed.

In some extreme cases it may exhibit as SELF destructive behavior and your dog may bite and chew at its on body to relieve the anxiety. The feet and legs are common areas they target. This leads to open sores that get worse and worse as the dog fixates on the wound and can lead to serious infection.

CDB Oil has shown great results in alleviating anxiety in people and pets. It’s commonly used for non-narcotic pain relief. While it’s not known exactly how it works yet, according to the National Institute On Drug Abuse studies have shown that the active ingredient in CBD Oil (cannabidiol) exhibits anti-anxiety effects in laboratory studies on animals and people.

CBD has shown therapeutic efficacy in a range of animal models of anxiety and stress, reducing both behavioral and physiological (e.g., heart rate) measures of stress and anxiety.

National Institute On Drug Abuse

The Benefits Of Probiotics for Dogs

Skin problems can be the result of an inflammatory response. The gut microbiome communicates with the skin and is a regulator of this inflammatory response. Adding live Probiotics can help to strengthen that connection and alleviate hot spots on dogs.

You’ll also want to read Top 6 Benefits of Probiotics for Animals

There are a number of ways to prevent episodes of hot spots on dogs and cats and these include:

  • Feed your pet an all natural diet without preservatives, additives or colorants
  • Add a quality Probiotic supplement to your dogs food every day
  • Keep your pet well groomed by ensuring that his hair is clipped or shaved short, especially during summer
  • Brush dogs with thick coats daily
  • Bathe your pet regularly with a gentle shampoo
  • Apply Flea Free Naturally regularly on your pet to ward off fleas and ticks
  • Avoid exposing your pet to irritants such as pollen, smoke, household detergents, fertilizer or pesticides
  • Clean your home thoroughly by vacuuming carpets and dusting furniture to ease both you and your pet’s respiratory allergies
  • Use Allergy Free Naturally to reduce allergic symptoms
  • If your pet is prone to hot spots around the ears, clean the ears regularly and if near the anal glands, express anal glands
  • Always provide fresh, clean water to cleanse the body’s system and avoid dehydration
  • Detox your pet regularly to get rid of unwanted toxins

 Does you dog suffer with Hot Spots? Tell us about it?

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