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Alternative Animal natural products for pets and people

Hi I’m Roxanna Whittington and I’m the owner and creator of Alternative Animal natural herbal products for pets and their people. I’m passionate about caring for animals in the most natural, healthy, common sense way possible. Since 2011 we’ve been creating herbal supplements for horses, dogs and cats that offer natural prevention and treatment solutions without a prescription.

Alternative Animal natural products for pets came from me solving problems for myself and my own pets with natural, holistic and herbal sources. I decided to share my solutions out of my sincere love and appreciation for all animals, and for those of you, who like me, are longing for a more holistic and natural approach to caring for your four legged family members.

I created my first product Worm Free Naturally natural dewormer for horses because I was not willing to continue deworming my horses with paste wormer every 3 months whether they needed it or not. As I was in the barn about to wrestle with an 1100lb horse to inject a tube of paste wormer down his throat, I had an epiphany. Why am I doing this? There has to be a better way. I use alternative health care for my self, why not for my animals?

That single decision changed my life and that of thousands of animals for the better. My adventure has taught me more than I ever dreamed possible and caused me to question, well, everything that I had ever believed to be true. Building on the success of my first product, Worm Free Naturally,  I continue to create natural products for pets and people and personally test every product made at Alternative Animal  before I offer them to you. 

Alternative Animal natural products for pets and peopleIn 2008 I left my job in the corporate world as Regional Sales Manager and became a Natural Hoof-Care Practitioner, in addition to maintaining and growing Alternative Animal. The “barefoot trim” I use to trim horses hooves is a very specific trim that is modeled after the wild mustang hoof and allows horses to be ridden with out metal shoes. 

The success of Alternative Animal does not allow me to trim horses anymore but I continue to be dedicated to developing new natural solutions for many problems faced by our 4-leggeds friends.

I have always been one to question everything and was never satisfied with “it’s always been done that way”. Anyone who knows me very well, knows that where there is a will there is a way. And I will find it. Over the years, through solving my problems, I have come across some very good alternatives to the current mainstream methods when caring for animals.

I invite you to share in this journey with me and and learn more about natural herbal alternatives for pets and people. I know one thing for sure, there is always a better way, and I am committed to finding it. Sharing what I learn is a top priority for me and I provide many articles for learning on my blog.

I know you’ll make Alternative Animal your go to when you are asking yourself if there could be a better way. This is my love and my passion and I am committed to a better way for all animals, two-legged and four-legged.

Have a question? Don’t hesitate to contact me.  I’ll do my very best to help you and your pet. 


Roxanna Whittington, Owner/Creator

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