Raving Fans/Testimonials

“I am currently using several products by Alternative Animal for my horses and my dog. The shampoo bar and the dry shampoo will leave your dog smelling great, super shiny, and soft. Not to mention, no chemicals to irritate their skin. The shampoo bar is also great as it lasts a while and is easy to use. I have a 90 pound dog so I can use a lot of liquid shampoo. My horses get the Thrush Free Naturally, Probiotics, and Sea Minerals. As a competitor and breeder, it is super important for the horses to have the utmost care so they can grow soundly and be able to compete. Plus they are happy, shiny, better hooves, and overall healthier. – Lacey, Rutherfordton, NC

“We rely heavily on Alternative Animal’s Worm Free Naturally as well as the Thrush Free Naturally. And being a natural product, we aren’t afraid to use Thrush Free Naturally often as a preventive measure when we have been soaked with rain. Roxanna makes sure I am always stocked so I don’t even have to think about it.’ Shaa Lott, Charlotte,TN

“I add this to all of my cats food, indoor and outdoor kitties. I started mixing it in the indoor cats food because I have an older cat with stomach issues and the probiotic effect of this product has helped tremendously. I highly recommend  “Worm Free Naturally“. There was even a “thank you” from the company owner on the invoice!”

“We really underestimated the difference this product would make in our horses. Within the first month, we have noticed a significant improvement in their coat, their hooves and their overall health. They are healthier horses! If you think about the chemical wormers and the volume of toxic substances needed to kill parasites that have accumulated for 60-90 days, this product makes sense. We are very satisfied with the Worm Free Naturally product and we are delighted that this is a holistic treatment”
Kristen Johnson, Chattanooga, TN

“Just a note to say thanx! We thought we were going to have to put down our senior horse. Since I put him on “Worm Free Naturally” he’s a new horse! He’s growing thick soft hair everywhere despite cushings, his arthritis doesn’t seem to bother him as much, he’s put on weight, and he’s not taking any crap from the mare that picks on him! He even runs once in awhile! Great stuff!!”  Collett Kirchner

“Just wanted to let you know I use your product “Worm Free Naturally” for my six outside cats. Since I feed them Friskies, I like to add a couple of supplements to their diet. I’m very pleased with the Worm Free Naturally. Thank you.” Nancy S.

“Last summer my then-9-year old mixed breed dog Kelly began suffered greatly from her hip dysplasia. She hadn’t been bothered a great deal previously, but soon she was on Rimadyl and 3 pain killers a day and was miserable all the time. When her hip condition was discovered as a pup, I had been told that she probably would not make it past 8 years old. Then I remembered hearing that Worm Free Naturally had helped some arthritic horses. I give it to my horses so I thought it can’t hurt to try it on Kelly. Within 2 weeks she was off all meds except an occasional tramadol when the weather changes. She is back to her active self and is now 10 and still going. Since WFN was the only change, I have to attribute this huge change to it.” B.Hicks

“I am so happy to find a product that is natural for all my pets. 6 dogs 2 horses and a mule are a lot of animals and a lot of meds. This natural wormer has changed the life of all my animals. I have seen worms dry up after a couple days with this product. My pets all look great and I know feel great. This is a miracle and its inexpensive to boot. I highly recommend Worm Free Naturally to everyone with a pet you love!!”

“Wow, this natural wormer really works great! I’ve noticed a big difference in my horses since I started them on Worm Free Naturally, added weight, shinier coat, they just seem to feel better. I expect a lot from my horses and Worm Free certainly makes them perform better. I feel better also by giving them an ALL natural wormer instead of chemicals that contaminates their body.”
J.H. Dunlap, TN

“I can’t thank you enough for this miracle product. After trying everything available to put weight on my horse, I saw this as my last resort. Dakota has always been a “hard keeper” and I have spent thousands on suplement after supplement with minimal results. I was using paste wormers every 3 months also. A friend told me about Worm Free Naturally and after talking with you I decided to give a natural dewormer a try. And to my amazement after only 6 weeks my horse had gained 100lbs and his coat was sooo shiny. My farrier even commented on how great his hooves were looking. Friends that I ride with couldn’t believe it was the same horse. I also started giving it to my older mare who has arthritis. She has been on a joint supplement for years which I ran out of, and decided to see how she would do on the Wormfee only. In only a few short weeks, this mare who struggled to get up and down the hills in the pasture, was galloping up at feed time. I was literally moved to tears to see her moving so well. I am a fan!!” S.J.O. Asheville, NC

“I just had to write and tell you how grateful I am for this product. My little toy poodle has suffered with skin problems and worms for years. She has a terrible allergy to fleas which caused her to chew awful sores on her back and tail. After being on Worm Free Naturally for 3 months now, she is like a different dog. All her skin problems have cleared up and she is bouncing around like a puppy, full of energy and vitality. She is 6 years old. It is so good not to be giving her drugs and chemicals, which I hated to do and not to mention the expense. This is an affordable natural product that just works!”
Fran E. Bristol,VA

Alternative Animal natural pet products. Care for your pets naturally with natural dog products, natural cat products, and natural horse products.

2 thoughts on “Raving Fans/Testimonials”

  1. I have used at least 8 different supplements for my herd of horses and every single one of them has delivered as described. My horses’ health has improved dramatically since using these products! The owner, Roxanna, is a wealth of knowledge and is so helpful in helping you put together the right protocol to address the specific needs of your horse or herd. I tell all of my friends to use these products!

  2. Cynthia Edwards

    I have been extremely pleased with Cushings Free Naturally. When Doimas started looking like a giant Persian cat, I knew before the bloodwork he had Cushings. Add one more problem for my poor guy.
    I didn’t want to use drugs for his condition and started grazing the internet. Found you all. Thank God!
    He began shedding out in record time. I’m watching him closely and your product is working spectacularly.
    I’m going to try your hoof supplement next. Currently give Doimas and my mare both Circu-Flow.
    My three horses are my children. Delivered them all at birth. Doimas will be 22 in May.
    Thank you!

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