Horse DeWorming

Benefits of Using Natural Horse Wormer

Natural horse wormers, also known as herbal or alternative worming treatments, have gained popularity among horse owners who seek alternatives to conventional chemical-based deworming products. Natural horse wormers can offer several potential benefits:

1. **Reduced Chemical Exposure:** Traditional deworming medications often contain strong chemicals that may have potential side effects or contribute to the development of drug-resistant parasites. Natural horse wormers use natural ingredients, which may result in reduced exposure to synthetic chemicals.

2. **Gentle on the Digestive System:** Natural wormers are gentler on the horse’s digestive system compared to chemical alternatives. Herbal ingredients may have milder effects, potentially minimizing the risk of irritation or damage to the gastrointestinal tract.

3. **Resistance Prevention:** Over-reliance on chemical dewormers can contribute to the development of drug-resistant parasites. Natural horse wormers may be seen as part of a holistic approach to parasite management, potentially helping to reduce the risk of resistance development.

4. **Support for Overall Health:** Natural wormers contain ingredients with purported health benefits beyond parasite control. For example, certain herbs may support immune function, aid digestion, or have anti-inflammatory properties, contributing to the overall health and well-being of the horse.

5. **Environmental Considerations:** Natural horse wormers may be perceived as more environmentally friendly because they typically rely on plant-based ingredients instead of synthetic chemicals. This can be appealing to horse owners who are conscious of the impact of their practices on the environment.

Q- What is the difference in Herba Worm Naturally and Worm Free Naturally?

A- Herba Worm Naturally is used for de-worming when needed. Herba Worm Naturally is a 100% herbal based wormer you use 10 days.

Worm Free Naturally is de-worming and prevention. WFN is a Diatomaceous Earth based wormer you use for 90 days consecutively and then it can also be used 3 x week for prevention. 

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