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Is Garlic Safe for Horses? Top Myths Debunked

garlic safe for horses

There’s a debate among horse owners- “Is Garlic Safe for My Horse”? You may be wondering is garlic safe for horses? You may have heard that garlic is an insect repellent. Or that garlic is good for respiratory problems in horses. Or that garlic causes anemia in horses. Are these all just myths? There’s an…

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How To Get Rid of Fleas Naturally: 24 Hours or Less

how to eliminate fleas naturally

In this article I share how to get rid fleas and ticks on your dog easily, naturally and safely in 24 hours or less.   Flea and tick prevention is a necessary part of summertime for dogs. Nobody wants fleas or ticks on your dog or in your house. Seeing your best friend suffer with…

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