5 Ways Music Affects Your Dogs Behavior

How music affects your dog

Are people the only ones affected by music?

Ever heard the saying “music calms the savage beast”? Music affects your dogs behavior in many ways.

There’s no question music can have an incredible effect on our lives. It can provoke emotions making us feel sad, happy, inspired, hopeful, relaxed and calm.    

A Calming Effect

Holistic veterinarian Dr. Sharon Kopinak found that when she played certain specially written compositions for her dog clients during thunderstorms, they were less nervous and settled down in the kennels. 

Research conducted in the 1920s by Dr. Royal Rife and Dr. Patricia Kerr, found that specific musical notes have the ability to activate different areas of the body and mind and that our bodies align to rhythmic patterns. They found that tempos can speed up or slow down heart rate which can have a noticeable impact on our behavior.  

Soothing Car Sickness

Music affects dogs

A Canadian woman’s Labrador always got sick riding in her car, but she found listening to an easy-going tempo in the key of F, and her dog slept for the six-hour trip with no car sickness.  

All over the world people have reported how music affects their dogs. A smooth rhythm written in the key of Bb calmed animals who were fearful and uncooperative, and their aggression and fear transformed into gentle behavior. 

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Quicker Recovery

Another woman’s dog Lucky had a seizure which led to a slipped disc on his hind quadrant. Within 20 minutes of listening to rhythms and harmonies in the keys of F (for healing, love and balance) and G (for pain relief), Lucky wanted food and even started to walk. He was back on the road to recovery. 

music affects dogs

Easier Training

Music is used by dog trainers and can work wonders on those first nights with puppies. An atmosphere of calm and peacefulness replaces the sometimes anxiousness, noise and playfulness.  Simba, a nine-month-old, Husky, was considered untrainable. When she was introduced to soothing melodies there was a radical change in her behavior. She became more affectionate easier to handle and softer and more cooperative. 

music affects dogs

The cognitive department at Brock University (St. Catharines, Ontario) carried out a six-month study in which the neurologists found that two brainwave patterns – beta (conscious mind) and fourth stage delta (deepest sleep) – were equally activated by Music during both the waking and sleeping states. This combined activity encourages protein to be assimilated in the brain which in turn promotes both healing and learning. It also increased focus and concentration, alleviated sleep deprivation, anxiety and the feeling overwhelmed. 

The evidence of the beneficial effects of music continues to grow. Cats and dogs recuperate more quickly after surgery, puppies settle into new homes more easily, behavior disorders vanish, and animals from abusive homes transform more readily. For some animals, music can even ease their passing.  

So how can we explain the power of music? 

Music nurtures, soothes and heals animals, but animals themselves can share their own gift of music, all we have do is stop and listen.

Everywhere in nature birds, cats, dogs, horses, whales, crickets and frogs share their song with us as they live in the flow and rhythm of Mother Earth. 

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