Benefits of Kelp for Cats

benefits of kelp for cats

Sea Kelp Naturally Benefits Cats

Kelp is packed with nutrients that your cat needs to stay healthy and energetic. Using kelp for cats is one of the best things you can do for your feline family member. Aside from providing nutrients, there are other benefits of kelp for your cat.

Benefits of Kelp for Cats Include:

  • Boosting the immune system
  • Prevent your cat from getting sick
  • Aiding proper digestion

Supplementing your cats diet with kelp is also beneficial to skin, hair and bones, and also acts as a natural flea repellent. Many holistic veterinarians recommend kelp for cats as part of a balanced diet

Is Kelp Good For Cats?

Is Kelp Good For Cats?

Kelp for cats is packed full of trace minerals and nutrients like iodine. It’s not just good for people but cats and other pets benefit as well. It is a commonly used ingredient in cat supplements to ensure that your pet receives the right amount of vitamins and minerals that it needs to keep healthy.

What Are the Benefits of Kelp for Cats?

Benefits of kelp for cats

Thyroid, Adrenal and Pituitary Glands

Kelp is rich source of iodine. Iodine is an element necessary (at least in trace amounts) to prevent a condition called hypothyroidism in dogs and cats (it is called goiter in human beings).

The rich mix of iodine and other trace minerals in kelp makes it an ideal supplement to keep your cat’s entire glandular system, particularly the thyroid, adrenal and pituitary glands, in healthy working order. This keeps your cat’s metabolism working efficiently helping to maintain a healthy weight.

Allergies and Fleas

Natural Flea Control

There is substantial evidence that kelp in your cat’s diet will repel fleas. Kelp can be an important natural addition to the flea-fighting treatment you have chosen for your cat. Kelp reduces itchiness in cats with skin allergies and improves the general condition of skin and coat. If your cat has itchy skin and seems always to be scratching, kelp supplements may make your cat’s life a lot more pleasant.

Anything which helps flea control is good news for cat owners. Diane Stein, in her book “The Natural Remedy Book for Dogs and Cats,” says after three weeks of kelp supplementation there is a noticeable reduction in fleas on animals who have an infestation. This suggests that kelp repulses fleas and that using the supplement regularly is a useful addition for flea treatment.

Kelp also reduces itchiness in those cats with skin allergies and improves the overall condition of your cat’s skin and coat.

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General Health

Kelp also supports many of your cat’s other body functions. Kelp cleanses the digestive system and and is one of the most mineral rich supplements available. Because it contains iron it fortifies the blood so the heart to work more efficiently. It’s especially recommended for older cats for strengthening the immune system, which can protect them from a range of diseases.

Cats on kelp supplements may heal faster from surgery because the amino acids in the seaweed boost cellular regeneration and tissue repair. Kelp may help your cat to live longer.

Fact: The Japanese have long maintained that eating seaweed is a source of their longevity.

How can kelp supplements support my cat’s health?

How can kelp supplements support my cat’s health?

  • Sea Kelp Naturally benefits your cat with an array of vital vitamins, minerals and elements. These vital nutrients are readily absorbed into the body including iodine, iron, calcium, magnesium, Vitamins B and K.
  • Detoxification. Kelp can help facilitate the removal of heavy metal traces from your pet’s body especially those exposed to toxic substances or high levels of radiation.
  • Improved Digestive Health. Kelp improves digestive health for your pet in several different ways. High protein and fiber content keeps your dog full longer, eliminates constipation with regular consumption and helps break down complex starches that deliver slow released energy.
  • Antioxidants. Kelp is a source of antioxidants, but it also contains certain types of antioxidants not commonly found in other foods. These include several alkaloids, the vitamins C and E, plus minerals, zinc and manganese.
  • Thyroid Health. The iodine found in Kelp is valuable for normal functioning and helps regulate hormones in the thyroid.
  • Vitamin K. Vitamin K is important for bone health and blood clotting. Kelp is a good anticoagulant and anti-thrombotic agent.
  • Iron. Kelp is not only high in iron, but it also contains vitamin C, which helps make iron more available to the body.

How do I give my cat Sea Kelp powder?

The best way to reap all the benefits of Kelp for cats is to add it to their food daily. Sea Kelp Naturally for Cats contains North Atlantic kelp powder.

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