6 Reasons to Give Your Horse Trace Minerals

horse trace minerals

Why Give Your Horse Trace Minerals?

Trace minerals are one of the most overlooked supplements in horse care. Without them horses suffer needlessly.

Trace minerals are necessary for horse growth, health and performance. They effect vital functions in your horse such as:

Hoof Condition

  • Cell division to support hoof wall growth and repair
  • Hoof wall protein synthesis: collagen, keratins
  • Copper Synthesis and maintenance of elastic connective tissue
  • Formation of collagen and elastin
  • Protein bond formation for rigidity in hoof wall
  • Antioxidant activity to protect cell membrane


  • Reproductive tract tissue integrity
  • Conception rates
  • Sperm count and quality 
  • Early embryonic survivals
  • Estrus and conception rate
  • Central nervous system development in foals
  • Reproductive hormone synthesis
  • Male libido
  • Fetal skeletal development

Joints and Skeleton

  • Protein formation for skeletal growth and repair
  • Formation of connective tissue (tendons and ligaments), bones and cartilage lining joints
  • Chondroitin sulfate synthesis important for formation, maintenance and repair of joint cartilage
  • Bone development and maintenance

 horse trace minerals Skin and Coat 

  • Epidermal (skin) cell maintenance through cell division, protein synthesis and antioxidant activity 
  • Facilitates wound healing 
  • Normal production and maintenance of skin and hair pigmentation


  • Maintains function of T lymphocytes and regulation of inflammatory cytokines 
  • Antioxidant activity to remove free radicals and protect cell membranes
  • Required for normal production of the white blood cells
  • Important at multiple steps in the production of immune system cells and their function including direct cellular killing of organisms as well as antibody production

Feed Digestibility

  • Cecal fiber digestion by bacteria resulting in increased energy availability from forage
  • Vitamin B12 synthesis

Salt/Mineral Blocks

My horse has access to a salt/mineral block so isn’t he getting the trace minerals he needs?

Actually no. A horse can’t lick fast enough to get what he needs to neutralize acidity in the stomach. If you have ever seen a horse chew at his salt or mineral block, most likely he is not getting the sufficient amount his body needs. Cribbing, chewing on wood and other behavioral problems are common signs of deficiency.

Common conditions like hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, laminitis/founder and colic can happen when horses don’t get enough salt, vitamins and trace minerals.

Salt/mineral blocks are easy and convenient but contain inorganic sources of trace minerals that are proven to be poorly absorbed by your horse. All the minerals not absorbed are then excreted thru urine and feces onto soil. These inorganic minerals have a detrimental effect on soil microorganisms. Those microorganisms are vital in maintaining soil structure and forage quality.

The Best Source of Organic Horse Trace Minerals?

 horse trace minerals

Nature of course. The ocean to be exact.

Your horse needs 24/7 access to free choice organic trace minerals. Organic trace minerals occur naturally in the sea. Sea salt and kelp/seaweed are a great source of organic readily available magnesium, calcium and sodium along with 90 other macro, micro-minerals and trace elements.

Sea Kelp Naturally sea kelp for Horses is a natural source of vitamins and trace minerals to help promote a strong immune system and healthy coat.

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Studies show that kelp contains more than 70 vitamins and trace minerals. More than any other food.  The trace-mineral content is among the highest of any known single source, and the iodine in kelp makes it especially good for your horse. Kelp has been shown to enhance immune function, improves skin/coat, and is particularly good for hoof conditions.

Sea Kelp Naturally has a high concentration of naturally occurring  nutrients such as vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D and E, along with trace minerals including zinc, iodine, magnesium, iron, potassium, copper and calcium. Our unique pelleted formula makes it easy to supplement your horse with kelp and horses love it.

Just fill up a bucket with Sea Salt Naturally and hang it where your horses can get to it when and as often as they need it. They have an innate knowing as to how much their body needs and will only consume as much as they need to replenish themselves. No need to worry about over consumption of inorganic minerals that can be harmful to both horse and earth.

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