Cushings Free Naturally-Natural Cushing’s Treatment for Horses

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Cushings Free Naturally is a natural cushing’s treatment for horses. Equine Cushing’s disease, also known as pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID), is caused when the pituitary gland mal-functions and releases excessive levels of the hormone adrenocorticotropin (ACTH).

Cushing’s in horses shows up as a longer, shaggy coat and delayed shedding after winter, laminitis/founder, increased sweating, muscle and weight loss and sometimes excessive drinking and urinating.

Cushing’s Free Naturally is a naturally powerful herbal supplement to help balance the over production of hormones made by pituitary and hypothalamus glands. Many horse owners report a noticeable improvement in just a few weeks of using it.

Cushings Free Naturally herbal supplement for Equine Cushings Disease is an alternative to Prascend/Pergolide.

** If your horse is currently on Prascend/Pergolide:  For a successful transition from Prascend/Pergolide you should start your horse on Cushings Free Naturally at the same time you start weaning off of Prascend/Pergolide. Add Cushings Free Naturally daily and Prascend/Pergolide every other day for a week or so, then every 2 days and so on until they are completely off.**

For more info Read:Alternative Treatment protocol for Cushings Horses FAQ

Available 60, 120 Servings & 240 Servings (approx)

1-Scoop = 1-Serving 

1000 lb horse: 2 scoops/daily (scoop included)


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Cushings Free Naturally- Natural Cushing’s Treatment for Horses

Natural Cushing's Treatment for Horses


What are the first signs of Equine Cushing’s disease in horses?

Cushing’s disease usually occurs in mature horses starting around age 15 although there are cases in horses as young as 7. The symptoms start gradually with the most noticeable being an unusually thick shaggy coat that stays on after winter and laminitis that occurs out of nowhere.

The link between laminitis and Cushings Disease ( PPID ), though not completely understood, is believed to be caused by high levels of cortisol and cortisol like hormones in the blood circulation.

Symptoms of Cushing’s Disease in Horses:

  • Winter coat that gets very long, matted and curly especially around the legs
  • Late or no shedding of winter coat
  • Increased sweating
  • Excessive drinking and urination
  • Low energy and poor performance
  • Looking “Pot-bellied” 
  • Loss of topline and decreased muscle tone
  • Cresty neck fat pads above the eyes and on the backend
  • Sudden and recurring laminitis/founder
  • Slow wound healing and infections

What happens if Cushing’s is left untreated in horses?

Left untreated, Equine Cushing’s disease can lead to serious health issues for your horse. Severe neurological problems can occur causing uncoordinated movement that gets worse and in extreme cases horses can’t get up after lying down.

They may start to breathe heavy, sweat while standing still and become extremely lethargic. Severe laminitis causing founder and ultimately… death.

Read: Make Your Own Healthy Homemade Horse Treats

How do you treat Equine Cushing’s disease in horses naturally?

A comprehensive natural cushing’s treatment for horses includes addressing the underlying causes which then relieves the symptoms.

Your Vet may prescribe drugs such as Pergolide/Prascend to treat Cushings Disease in your horse. Prascend can have negative side effects such as, loss of appetite, weight loss, depression, lethargy, and diarrhea. Cushings Free Naturally is a natural cushing’s treatment for horses and an alternative to Prascend to support the Cushings Horse.

* If your horse is currently on Prascend/Pergolide: When you start your horse on Cushings Free Naturally you will also need to start weaning off of Prascend/Pergolide at the same time. Start with every other day for a week or so, then every 2 days and so on until they are completely off. 

Read: Alternative Treatment protocol for Cushings Horses FAQ

The most effective holistic program uses herbs for equine cushings, along with proper diet and lifestyle changes. This is best accomplished by supplementing with the right herbal remedies and nutrients. Our natural cushing’s treatment protocol for horses has proven successful for hundreds of horses.

Our customers report rapid improvement of symptoms like sore feet, weight gain, long coat, and laminitis/founder when combined with overall recommended lifestyle changes.

I highly recommend THE HAY PILLOW for a slow-feeder hay bag designed for ground feeding. The Hay Pillow allows your horse to eat in a natural grazing position.

Feeding Cushings Free Naturally daily along with limiting access to grass, increased movement and exercise, using slow feeders and proper hoof care can quickly reverse the symptoms and get your horse sound, comfortable and back riding.

Adrenal Support Naturally is also a great addition for horses with Cushings (PPID), Laminitis/Founder, Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS), EPM, under stress from training, trailering, showing, competing, or vaccinations, or long term drug use. Adrenal Support Naturally helps to balance adrenal and pituitary activity promoting a healthy stress response and adrenal gland function.

Cushings Free Naturally is a powerful natural herbal supplement for equine cushings that includes:

  • Blood detoxifying herbs – to remove excess hormones  from the blood stream and reduce inflammation.
  • Herbs that support and balance the Hypothalamus, Thyroid and Adrenal gland.
  • Herbs that help to regulate blood sugar metabolism, balance hormonal cycles, support liver and pancreatic health, and enhance the immune system.

Our natural horse supplements are proudly made in the USA and contain no fillers, artificial, GMO, or other unnecessary ingredients.

  • Hand Blended
  • Made Fresh the Day it Ships
  • Pelletized for Horses
  • No Fillers

Available 60, 120 Servings & 240 Servings (approx)

Recommended Dosage: 1-Scoop = 1-Serving

Ponies, minis and small horses- 1 scoop/serving daily

Horses up to 1000lbs- 2 scoops/servings daily

Horses over 1000 lbs up to 1250 lbs- 3 scoops/servings daily

Over 1250 lbs- 4 scoops /servings daily

Ingredients: A proprietary blend of herbs including Burdock, Chaste Tree, Kelp, Ginseng, Vitamin E, Peppermint

*Disclaimer: We make no medical or veterinarian claims to any of the products offered on this site. The information presented on the Alternative Animal web site is intended for informational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and should not in any way be used as a substitute for the advice of your physician, veterinarian, or other licensed health care provider.

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60 Servings ($1.25/serv), 120 Servings (.88/serv), 240 Servings (.75/serv)


A proprietary blend of herbs including Burdock, Chaste Tree, Kelp, Ginseng, Vitamin E, Peppermint

89 reviews for Cushings Free Naturally-Natural Cushing’s Treatment for Horses

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  1. Beth

    So far it is good on my newly diagnosed horse Missy.

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  2. Amanda Marsh

    In February, 2022 I was given a 22 yo QH gelding. He had tested positive for PPID (ACTH over 300) and was on Prescend. His body condition was very poor. His hair coat was thick and wavy, he lacked muscle tone, his behavior was off, his fitness was poor, etc.

    Fast forward to October, 2022 and he looks ten years younger. He’s been on Cushing’s Free Naturally (and off Prescend) and his ACTH level is now 25! His hair coat is shiny and gorgeous, his muscle tone is spot on, his behavior is appropriate, his fitness level is solid, and his body condition is superb.

    Cushing’s Free Naturally, a natural and supportive lifestyle, and great nutrition combined have totally changed my horse’s life. THANK YOU!!!

    Image #1 from Amanda Marsh
    Image #2 from Amanda Marsh
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  3. Bonnie James

    Love this product! All natural and really works. My horse loves it and his skin and coat are much better.

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  4. Kim D.

    I’m sold on Cushings Free. My senior gelding was covered in long hair this summer, shortly after restarting him on the Cushings Free product, within weeks he was shedding out. He still has a bit of long hair left but most of his hair has shed out. I had stopped giving him the product this winter and at some point had even tried another product but it did nothing. He will never be without Cushings Free again, this product has made a huge improvement in the way he looks and how he feels. For all that he has done for me, my best friend deserves to feel his best and now he does.

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  5. Anonymous

    This is an excellent product that has helped my horse. I am grateful to have found it.

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  6. Melanie Brown

    My horse is doing so much better since starting on these herbs!

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  7. Jessica G.

    This product has dramatically helped my old cushings gelding. He is finally shedding and his appetite has improved.

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  8. Anonymous

    Love how well this product works!

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  9. Barbara G.

    My mini horses were showing signs of cushings, they could not shed their winter coats even when I brushed them and hair was semi curling, 3 weeks on this and they are shed out and looking beautiful, not acting lethargic either

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  10. Dan Roser

    My 26 year old responded so well to the treatment. He hasn’t felt or looked this good in years. Before & after several months using Cushings Free Naturally. Highly recommend this product.

    Image #1 from Dan Roser
    Image #2 from Dan Roser
    Image #3 from Dan Roser
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  11. Heather

    My 26 year old paint gelding finally tested positive for cushings. He has been slightly foot sore for some time. He wears soft ride or easy boot clouds when I’m his stall/paddock. Goes barefoot for turn out. Since using this product he is no longer foot sore. He has been boot free for 5 weeks. Yay!!! Thanks for another great product!!!

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  12. Rachel M.

    Started using this product when my horse was diagnosed in February. My horse’s ACTH level is 50 (which is borderline) during the seasonal rise. He has shed out his very long coat (the reason I had him tested). His energy level has also improved. I am very happy with the results of this product and would recommend as an alternative.

    Image #1 from Rachel M.
    Image #2 from Rachel M.
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  13. Jessica G.

    I have been feeding Cushings Free approximately three weeks. My horse shedding off excess hair, so I can see the supplement is working. I have attached pics of his current state in the middle of August. The pics show how shaggy he has been this summer and where he is finally shedding across his back and hindquarters. So far I am impressed by the results and will continue with this supplement. My 26 yr old gelding has been on Peroglide for almost a decade, and he has become familiar with every trick in the book to get a horse to take pills. It has become increasingly impossible to keep his medication regular and his cortisol levels have been way too high. He is picky, and won’t eat powdered suplements. This supplement is small loose pellets, and my old picky boy happily eats it. I have been giving him one scoop twice a day. No question that this is helping him. Can’t wait to see if another month or two will have him looking like his old self again… Thank You!!!

    Image #1 from Jessica G.
    Image #2 from Jessica G.
    Image #3 from Jessica G.
    Image #4 from Jessica G.
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  14. Krisztina

    My horses has been on Cushings free for 6 months now and you can see noticeable differences in his coat, neck crest and body fat. His last blood test for ACTH was normal. This product really works!

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  15. Carol C.

    So pleased with this product.

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  16. Bonnie James

    This works great. My horses skin and hair has improved immensely and he seems more like is old self.

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  17. Melanie Brown

    My 25 year old haflinger mare didn’t shed out last summer like she should, so I started her on some chasteberry from another company. It helped, but she still had a heavier coat than normal. So I went back on line and found Alternative Animal’s blend of herbs for Cushings and decided to give it a try. It took about a month or two, but Brandy is no longer showing any signs of Cushings! Love the product!

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  18. Anonymous

    This product!

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  19. Deborah W.

    Love it. I see her shedding already. No vail to go through. And I will keep riding her till she tells me to stop. Even if it’s just a walk in the woods. 23 and looking great.

    Image #1 from Deborah W.
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  20. Juanda

    This product helped my senior mare tremendously, so glad I found it.

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  21. Kayla

    My 24-year-old pony has Cushing’s and anhidrosis. He’s getting OneAC for the anhidrosis but unfortunately, pergolide isn’t an option for him due to a bad reaction. I stumbled across the Cushing’s Free Natural Supplement and will never be without it. I usually do a partial shave/clip on his winter coat in the spring and then a full body clip once summer hits. This year I didn’t have to do a full body clip as he’s shedding out on his own. He’s much perkier and seems to be more comfortable overall. I’ve had this pony for 22 years and it’s nice seeing his old ‘spunk’ back.

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  22. Sue S.

    After my horse was diagnosed with early Cushing’s I went on a mass project of researching what would be the best for her condition and aging years. First thing I did was change her grain to soy free, messes with the hormones. I had started out with a lady who specializes in holistic supplement, one being Cushings. I had her on those for about 5 months, didn’t notice much change. I went back to my homework to look further and found Alternative Animal products. She seems to do pretty well, looks great for her age. People comment all the time how good she looks, and would never guess she’s 25!
    She is also on the end of cushings that first ever became a hard keeper. So I add a daily mash of Timothy pellets, rice bran pellets, and her supplements to that and she loves her daily mix. I would definitely recommend giving them a try if your considering a holistic approach oppose to pharmaceuticals. Nice people to work with as well.

    Image #1 from Sue S.
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  23. Julie D.

    Is working great on my 16 year old gelding.

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  24. Lark F.

    Love this product. Worked when :”traditional medicine” did not. I believe it saved my horse’s life. I’d give it ten stars if that were an option!!

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  25. Wendy Samuel Herbelin

    Kizzy has been on her Cushings supplement for about 3 weeks now and we think we may be seeing the beginning of a turn around; the last bits of her winter coat have started to shed out!

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  26. Corinne

    We have only used this product for a few months, but we are encouraged so far. Our mare has better energy and she is not sweating like she was previously.

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  27. Kelley Sanger

    Just wanted to say thank you.
    I was looking for an alternative to prescend for my mini mare and stumbled upon your Cushings natural supplement. I figured I’d give it a try. I thought a few years ago we’d be losing our girl, the suddenly over the winter went from a chunky monkey to a skeleton. She was eating 6-8x what my senior full size horse was eating and still losing weight. When the vet said Cushings I was shocked. We started the prescend and it was like a different horse, her love of life came back from the shell she’d become. The cost of prescend on top of the medications for my pre-laminitic horse were squeezing me too much. Then I found you guys and figured it was worth a try. This is the first spring she hasn’t had to be shaved since her diagnosis! She looks amazing, and is her normal spunky self! Thank you so very much for making it affordable to keep my girl comfortable and happy. From Sweetie and I, thank you.

    Image #1 from Kelley Sanger
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  28. John C.


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  29. Bonnie James

    This product has helped my cushings horse shed out and his skin no longer itches him.

    (0) (0)
  30. Carolyn L.

    Great product. Been using the Cushings Free Naturally and Sugar Balance Naturally for 25 year old Cushings mare. She is doing great! No laminitis, weight is good, coat is a lot better. She is happy and will continue!

    (0) (0)
  31. Debra Kerns

    How well the Cushings Free treatment works was best illustrated when my senior horse was off of it for a week, while I was on vacation. Although he was well-taken care of, his Cushings treatment was overlooked. In just a week, he was lethargic and had difficulty walking. He improved almost immediately as soon as his Cushings Free Naturally was resumed.

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  32. Joy M.

    My cushings horse is doing great on this!

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  33. Anonymous

    Love this product!

    (0) (0)
  34. Kelley Valentine

    Prevented the start of Prascend

    (0) (0)
  35. Taryn O.

    So far so good! My horse has not had an abscess and has not been lame since starting the supplement! I had to take him off the prascend because he had a terrible reaction so I’m happy I was able to find something natural for him instead

    (0) (0)
  36. Julie D.

    My 16 year old gelding is doing great on this product! He is shedding out nicely and his overall body condition from cushings has improved.

    (0) (0)
  37. Kathy M.

    I love this product- it works better than the prescription meds and is less expensive!

    (0) (0)
  38. Bonnie

    This product really works! I intend to keep my horse on it forever!

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  39. GAIL

    This product is helping my “borderline” Cushings pony tremendously.

    (0) (0)
  40. Becky N.

    I am feeding 2 older horses that have been diagnosed with Cushings. Both are doing better. Seem more stable, not having sweats and their coats are shedding off easier.

    (1) (0)
  41. Kathy Williams

    Just wanted to give you an update on my review from last year on your Cushings Free Naturally. I’ve been using it for 7 months and my horses ACTH level went from 70 down to17.5 which is amazing results,! I’m going to try your supplement for insulin problem in the same horse. My expectation is high!

    (0) (0)
  42. Teresa Haines

    I am thrilled with this product! My horse was not responding well to Prascend and my Vet wanted to increase the dosage. After a little research I found your website and the protocol for transitioning from Prascend to Cushings Free Naturally. We are now fully switched and the difference is just unbelievable. I have my old horse back! All the Cushing’s symptoms are gone and he has the spark back in eyes. I am forever grateful!

    (0) (0)
  43. Bonnie


    (0) (0)
  44. Carolyn L.

    Really like this Cushings Free Naturally product. My 25 year old mare is doing well on it. Have been using for about 6 months and I am pleased she is off Prascend.

    (0) (0)
  45. Joy M.

    My horse was diagnosed with Cushings and I did not want to put him on Prascend so I started giving him this Cushings Free, and he has responded well to it so far! He is shedding out his shaggy coat like crazy, and I am hoping this winter he will grow a normal coat instead!

    (0) (0)
  46. Cheryl Andersen

    Seems to be helping my gelding he is shedding!

    (0) (0)
  47. Kelley S.

    So far I have seen anything in the transition from prascend, as we are just getting into shedding season we will see if she loses her winter coat like a normal horse or if she’ll need to be shaved.

    Image #1 from Kelley S.
    (0) (0)
  48. Anonymous

    Love this product!

    (0) (0)
  49. Donna C.

    Keeping my drafts sugar levels down

    (0) (0)
  50. Joseph valentine pavlovich

    naturopathic doctor put my horse on this, can only hope it’s gonna work.

    (0) (0)
  51. Anonymous

    Love this product!

    (0) (0)
  52. Charles Kaus

    Used on 2 Welsh ponies. One 20 years old with Cushing appears to be improving. The other a 15 year old with laminitis which cleared up in a week. I will be ordering more!

    (0) (0)
  53. Cheryl

    Seems to be working

    (0) (0)
  54. Michelle S.

    My horse has been on the Cushing’s Free treatment for 30 days and has shown significant improvements. He has more energy and has that brightness back into his eyes. I defiantly be continuing using this product for his wellness!

    (0) (0)
  55. ROSE M.

    She eats it, hard to tell with Cushings without testing, which we are not doing at this time, but she is in great shape.

    (0) (0)
  56. Debra Kerns

    This product is of excellent quality and my horse is responding well. I will be buying more.

    (0) (0)
  57. Michele

    Helping my horse a lot

    (0) (0)
  58. Barbara Jarrells

    I never had a problem with pansend. She has been on it for a little over a year now. It just got so expensive. Its only been a few weeks of using the Alternative and it seems to do as well as pansend just not as expensive. Its hard to give a definate rating at this short of time being used. Hopefully it works as well or better. I will know probably after using it for a longer period. Thank you

    (0) (0)
  59. Tracy B.

    My TWH gelding seems to have more energy and not so lethargic. We’ll see if he sheds come spring

    (0) (0)
  60. Anonymous

    Very Pleased with this product.
    My horse had elevated levels and this lowered them so he did not have to be on conventional meds.

    (0) (0)
  61. Michele

    We are in week 12 using this product. My mare is showing some signs of improvement. Her symptoms are mainly weight loss and lower energy.

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  62. Nola Masterson

    looks like it is working early though

    (0) (0)
  63. Sara Schnurpel

    This product works 10 times better than the allopathic medicine that was given to my horse. Thank you

    (0) (0)
  64. ROSE M.

    Using on 30 year old rescue mule who was showing fat pads. Pad are getting softer and smaller. Easy to feed and she eats it. Mules can be fussy.

    Image #1 from ROSE M.
    (2) (0)
  65. Kellie

    This has really helped out mini horse with Cushings.

    (0) (0)
  66. Steve Hancock

    Cannot believe the difference in my horse. Healthier and lots more energy. Love this product.

    (0) (0)
  67. Kathy M.

    I am so pleased with the results. My horse is shedding his thick curly hair and is finally losing weight.

    (1) (0)
  68. LaDawn Collard

    Awesome product chose to go the natural route and soooooo glad I did

    (2) (0)
  69. Tamara

    This product allowed my horse to get off the Cushing’s drug all together. I realize that is a bold statement but a true one.

    (5) (0)
  70. Tamara

    The “Cushing’s Free Naturally” blend has allowed us to have success in getting off pergolide/prescind completely, and he continues to do and look better. If you know how the body works you know that the adrenals are a huge part of this process. I have added the Adrenal blend, you should too. It has contributed to us overcoming this ailment. I am confident that one day soon we will be completely free of PPID and it is thanks to Alternative Animal.

    (3) (0)
  71. Anonymous

    working great with my mini, he is back to where he was before getting cushings

    (2) (0)
  72. LINDA B.

    My horse had side and belly hairs left that should have been long gone. Rocky suggested this and within a week they were gone. I am excited to see next year if this will help him to shed out much faster. As he gets older, it takes longer and longer for him to shed.

    (0) (0)
  73. Gayle

    My 30++ gelding shedded like crazy.

    (0) (0)
  74. Paula Sparger

    Great product! My 20 yr old mare doing fantastic.

    (0) (0)
  75. Cindy Edwards

    I have been extremely pleased with Cushings Free Naturally. When Doimas started looking like a giant Persian cat, I knew before the bloodwork he had Cushings. Add one more problem for my poor guy.
    I didn’t want to use drugs for his condition and started grazing the internet. Found you all. Thank God!
    He began shedding out in record time. I’m watching him closely and your product is working spectacularly.
    I’m going to try your hoof supplement next. Currently give Doimas and my mare both Circu-Flow.
    My three horses are my children. Delivered them all at birth. Doimas will be 22 in May.
    Thank you!

    (0) (0)
  76. Amanda Marsh

    Amazing!!!! This product truly works!

    (1) (0)
  77. Linda B.

    This product has made a world of difference in my horse looks and how he acts.. Highly recommended it to any looking for and alternative to Prascend

    (2) (0)
  78. Paula Sparger

    I put my under weight, non shedding,low energy riding mare on your product about 5 weeks back.
    She has shed off like normal, has her energy back to her pre-Cushings and where she had been dripping with sweat with normal trail riding, she is now back to normal there as well.
    I had resigned myself to her being retired and I’m so pleased with her present condition.

    I will b sharing this information with my Vet as well.

    I will certainly suggest using this product to everyone I know with a Cushing effected horse.
    It is so nice seeing my 20 year old friend feeling so well.

    (1) (0)
  79. EMF Marsh

    My foundered cushings rehab, he was nearly dead when i got him. I’m not exaggerating. He is a slaughter starvation cushings founder rescue. He was a skeleton.
    He is getting the Cushings Free supplement, the Circu-Flow supp, The Herbal Bute, the Better Hoof supp.
    He’s now gaining weight and his coat is smooth and shiny. He has major pep and is shedding!

    (0) (0)
  80. D. Goldenburg

    I have been using your Cushings Free Naturally for 2 months for my mare. My Vet had her on Prascend before that and she wasn’t doing well at all. After just 2 months with your product she is shedding naturally for the first time in years, and her ACTH levels are now in the normal range. I am thrilled! It’s like I have my mare back! My Vet is amazed and said to keep using it. So glad I found your website!!!!