Kelp for Horses 5lbs


Kelp for Horses contains 46 minerals, 16 amino acids and 11 vitamins. Kelp is:  anti-inflammatory, demulcent, emollient, protective against radiation, anti-cancer, anti-tumor, antibiotic, immuno-stimulant, anti-viral and soothing to intestinal mucosa.

In the Orkney Islands, off the mainland of Scotland, it was noticed that sheep grazing on seaweed were generally in better overall condition and had more resistance to illness, especially coughs and respiratory problems such as COPD and SPAOD. This led to the development of specialized feed additives based on sea weed and kelp.

 Kelp for Horses contains Iodine

Iodine is a key trace element in nutrition.

It enters into the life of every cell in the body and its more decisive action is its effect upon the thyroid gland, which, through its secretion of thyroxine, controls the rate of metabolism.

Studies indicate that kelp contains more vitamins and minerals than any other foodstuff! The trace-mineral content (potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron) is among the highest of any known single source, but it’s the iodine content in kelp that makes it especially good for the mental and physical health of your pets. Kelp was traditionally used as a remedy for thyroid gland diseases, caused by iodine deficiency.



Kelp for Horses is a  natural source of vitamins and minerals to help promote a strong immune system and healthy coat.

The benefits for horses are:

Helps prevent cracked hooves.

Skin Texture and elasticity are improved along with coat gloss.

Stable vices and nervous habits are often minimized.

Boosts the immune system creating higher resistance to infections and faster healing time from injuries.

 Increased fertility in brood mares and stallions.

Promotes regular heat cycles.

Helps to detoxify the body after exposure to mouldy feeds.

Stimulates appetite and improves digestive capacity

Recommended Amount:1 oz. per day, based on 1000 lb. horse (1 ounce scoop provided)

Available: 3 lb., 5 lb. and 10 lb.

Active Ingredients: Kelp, Flaxseed

Inactive Ingredients:  Alfalfa

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