Why Use Sea Salt for Horses?

Why use sea salt for horses

Sea salt is Nature’s electrolyte.

Sea salt for horses aids in digestion and stabilizes body functions and fluids. It is natural unrefined sea salt that contains over 80 essential minerals.

Without salt, life itself would not be possible. Salt is as important to life as oxygen and water. Horses utilize salt as an essential ingredient for life.  When it comes to horse health and nutrition, not all salt is created equal.

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Most salt that is available for horses has been refined (treated with chemicals to remove the minerals, evaporated under high compression and heat which disrupts the molecular structure of salt, and evened bleached in order to obtain the white color) or mined from salt mines that are pure white, like walking into a snowball. 

Unlike sea salt for horses, this white salt is void of natural balance of life giving minerals in their natural state. They have been processed out by man or leeched out by nature over time leaving only sodium and chloride. Unrefined sea salt contains much, much more.

All salt comes from the ocean. Sadly, the salt you feed your horse may be of little nutrient value, originate from polluted waters and be further depleted by strip mining or harsh processing techniques such as chemical bleaching and high heat drying. Holistic Horse

Quantitative analysis of the elements in the blood has essentially the same profile as the quantitative analysis of elements found in sea water (only major difference is the hemoglobin in the blood).

This natural mineral balance is very important for optimum animal health. It gives the horse the “tools” it needs for growth, immune function, performance, etc.

Sea minerals are in crystalloid form which is defined as “a crystallizable substance which, when dissolved in a liquid will diffuse readily through animal or vegetable cell membranes”.  Health care professionals are very familiar with this crystalloid state as this is the state of the minerals in hospital IVs.

  1. Salt’s primary action is cooling and a moderate amount is beneficial to the kidneys. The moistening property of salt is especially appropriate in the winter, when the body tends to dry out.
  2. Salt counteracts toxins in the body and can be used externally as well for skin eruptions.
  3. Salt directs the body’s energy inward and downward which is appropriate for fall and winter when the center of the body needs to stay warm.
  4. Salt strengthens digestion and can soften and remove abdominal swellings and intestinal obstructions. This softening property can also reduce hardened glands, muscles, and lymph nodes.
  5. The alkalizing quality of sea salt helps balance the acid nature of high protein and carbohydrate diets.
  6. Whole sea salt contains many minerals. White salt and most commercially produced sea salt is highly refined and devoid of minerals.

Sea Salt for horses

Sea Salt for horses is a highly necessary supplement. It is also an essential nutrient for all horses. Ideally unrefined sea salt, which is naturally balanced with other minerals, should be offered free choice year round.

Unrefined sea salt offers a better choice than the more popular but not balanced trace mineral blocks, which do provide salt but are essentially no better than refined salt with added inorganic minerals.

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