Horses 1

Horses 2 Feeding Instructions for Horses

Mix well with food

500-1200 lbs 1/2 cup daily for 60 days

1/4 cup daily for maintenance

under 500 lbs 1/4 cup for 60 days

1/8 cup daily for maintenance



                                 3 lb bag        $24.95 (will last 1 horse 30 days)           Horses 3

                                 6 lb bag        $44.95   (will last 1 horse 60 days)          Horses 3

* I can ship 6lbs for the same price as 3lbs so you can save $10.95 on shipping when you order 6 lbs*

                                25 lb bag      $75.00     ( for multiple horses)                Horses 5

Don’t feed your horses daily? No problem,For equines, Wormfree Naturally can also be mixed into loose salt at a 2/1 salt to WFN ratio and be given free choice


Worm Free Naturally is a natural dewormer that works mechanically, not chemically, to microscopically abrade the outer coating of parasites, causing dehydration, or loss of body fluid, which is fatal. And because it’s not a chemical, but a natural wormer, parasites don’t build up an immunity. Rotating wormers becomes unnecessary, saving you time and money.

Worm Free Naturally contains fresh water Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (fossil shell flour) which is a mineral mined from  the fossilized silica shell remains of unicellular or colonial algae, better known as diatoms. Rich in natural silica and 14 other trace minerals essential to animal health.

“Diatomaceous Earth is the only product we know of that has been registered by the EPA for use in protecting grain from insect infestation for long-term storage. It has been given a GRAS (generally regarded as safe) rating by the FDA.” Total Health Intl. Inc   

And it’s not just a natural wormer, it’s a natural insecticide as well. A huge benefit is that some DE remains in the manure, preventing the eggs of flies and parasites from hatching out, thereby, breaking the cycle of re-infestation. Dramatically cutting down on the fly population around your home and barn.

Worm Free Naturally also contains Probiotics which are friendly bacteria naturally present in the body, and are an integral part of a healthy digestive system. Regular use of chemical dewormers and stress, wipes out these beneficial bacteria. Probiotics are indispensable in assisting with food and nutrient assimilation. They inhibit harmful bacteria and viruses and stimulate the immune system. Living mainly in the intestines, probiotics are essential for good health.


Alternative Animal natural pet products. Care for your pets naturally with natural dog products, natural cat products, and natural horse products.

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