Fall Worming Your Pet

Fall Worming Your Pet Is An Absolute Necessity

Fall is my favorite time of year. The air is clearer and evenings are cooler. All around nature is preparing for the long cold winter ahead.  It’s also time to think about worming your pet. Colder temperatures change the needs of your pets and require that they use more calories and energy to stay warm and healthy.

All animals need to be able to maintain a good weight and stay in optimal health during the winter. If your pet’s body is compromised due to worms and parasite infection, they are already at a disadvantage heading into winter. They can’t possibly maintain a proper weight and a healthy immune system to ward off illness. Worming your four legged friend should a top priority!

worming your pet

How Do Dogs and Cats Get Worms?

Adult dogs and cats pick up worms from eggs that stay in the soil after infected pets have defecated. Some worm eggs can survive for years in the soil.

Pets also pick up worms from:

  • Eating fleas
  • Catching prey, such as mice and snails
  • Eating feces of other pets and farm animals
Key facts about worms in dogs and cats

How Do Horses Get Worms?

fall worming

Worms live as eggs or larvae in the grazing pasture, in feed, in a mare’s milk, on horses’ coats, via flying insects and throughout your horses’ living environment.

Worms therefore spread among horses by:

  • contamination via feces
  • feeding, grazing
  • flying insects
  • shared pastures
  • direct contact
  • feed buckets

The reality of an infestation is easy to understand if you consider that a parasite will lay eggs in the intestinal tract which then are excreted via the stool. This ends up in your yard and/or pasture, where the eggs hatch and larvae appear.

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These little parasites then find their way onto the grass and these small creatures can even inhabit a single drop of dew, where they are picked up by your dog or cat when they are outside, or a horse as it feeds. Once ingested, the larvae enters the animal’s intestinal tract where they briefly hibernate before undergoing a change that will send them into the next stage of life where the entire process starts again. It’s a never ending viscous cycle. But a plan for worming your pet regularly will break that cycle for good!

Good news is it’s easy to break the cycle of re-infestation.

worming your pet

Worming your pet has never been easier with Worm Free Naturally and Worm Free Naturally Plus.

There are many different drugs available for de worming your pet and, like any drugs, they all have side effects. But Worm Free Naturally is a 100% safe effective natural wormer, so there’s no need to use drugs that can cause side effects and harm your four legged friend. Just mix into your pets daily food and worms will start to die and move on out. Worm Free Naturally takes all the hassle out of worming your pet. 

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Use it all the time. Product as described. My cats live inside &outside in the country. They contract worms from earth & also from eating wild prey. Because I have a lot of cats, I mix the powder with water then with cat food. They eat it all up. They all eat about the same amount. You do not have to mix with water. It just makes it easier on me. Recommend because its so easy to get it in them!! 

“I am so happy to find a product that is natural for all my pets. 6 dogs 2 horses and a mule are alot of animals and alot of meds. This natural wormer has changed the life of all my animals. I have seen worms dry up after a couple days with this product. My pets all look great and I know feel great. This is a miracle and its inexpensive to boot. I highly recommend Wormfree Naturally to everyone with a pet you love!!

“I purchased this wormer after struggling for some time with worms in our horses. Everytime we tried something new we had them tested afterward only to find out they still had a heavy load of worms. We tried chemical wormers and other natural wormers that just didn’t work. We used Worm Free Naturally Plus for the recommended time and we had them retested and they came back with a mild load vs. Heavy before we started. So yay! We’re are so excited. We love this product and will continue to use the maintenance dose from now on. 

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