How To Treat Thrush In Horses Quickly & Naturally

treat thrush in horses

What is Hoof Thrush? If you smell a foul odor while picking your horse’s feet, chances are he has contracted hoof thrush, a frog-eating, anaerobic bacterium. You need to treat thrush in horses hooves as soon as you notice the first sign of this menace. Hoof thrush can occur whether your horse lives mainly at…

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5 Reasons to Choose a Holistic Vet for Your Pets

holistic vet

WHY Choose a Holistic Vet for Your Pet? More and more “alternative” healthcare is becoming the go-to option for conscious pet parents. Choosing a Holistic Vet for your furry friend is best way to ensure that you have access to many integrative healing modalities that take into consideration the “whole” pet, and not just the…

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6 Reasons to Give Your Horse Trace Minerals

horse trace minerals

Why Give Your Horse Trace Minerals? Trace minerals are one of the most overlooked supplements in horse care. Without them horses suffer needlessly. Trace minerals are necessary for horse growth, health and performance. They effect vital functions in your horse such as: Hoof Condition Cell division to support hoof wall growth and repair Hoof wall…

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Healthy Homemade Horse Treats

Homemade horse treats

Make Your Own Homemade Horse Treats Do you like to give your horse treats but wanna make sure they are healthy treats that have ingredients that are good for your horse? Here’s a great recipe for homemade horse treats.These are much healthier than most treats you can buy at your local feed store. Be sure…

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What Causes Hoof Abscess? 🐎

What is Hoof Abscess? Equine hoof abscess is the inflammation of the corium (a sensitive structure of the hoof). Hoof problems such as a hoof abscess can occur in both shod as well as unshod horses. Pus is produced as the natural reaction of the horse’s body to fight off infection. The pus accumulates, and since it cannot escape…

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Winter Horse Care 101-The Complete Guide

winter horse care

Winter Horse Care Is More Than Blanketing Your Horse Horses Need Shelter Winter horse care doesn’t have to complicated. It may be a no-brainer but your horses need to have shelter from wind, rain and snow storms. Horses with a winter coat can tolerate temperatures around 0 F. If those same horses have shelter, they…

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🔆Probiotics-Top 6 Benefits of Probiotics for Animals

benefits of probiotics for animals

Probiotics for Animals? Seems like I hear the word “Probiotics” everywhere lately. I see commercials and ads for Probiotics for people. But what about the benefits of Probiotics for animals? If they’re good for people are Probiotics also beneficial for pets? I get asked asked a lot about the benefits of Probiotics for dogs, cats and horses. I’ll…

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Herbal Bute Alternative for Horses

Herbal Bute Alternative

What is Herbal Bute? Herbal Bute Naturally is a bute alternative for horses that relieves pain, stiffness, and inflammation for improved performance and comfort for any horse suffering with acute or long term discomfort. We use a unique powerful combination of herbs known for their anti-inflammatory and pain relieving qualities. Are you concerned about long term…

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🐴 Devils Claw, Herbal Alternative to Bute for Horses?

herbal alternative to bute

Does Your Horse Need an Herbal Alternative to Bute? If you’ve had a horse for very long chances are at some point your Vet has prescribed Bute. Bute is used for pain and inflammation in horses with acute injuries as well as chronic pain conditions like Arthritis and Laminitis. However Bute, like any drug, has…

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🐎 7 Reasons to Use Garlic for Horses

garlic for horses

Should you use garlic for horses? Garlic for horses is a very popular regular equine feed supplement.  Widely used by many horse owners as a natural option with benefits of pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and insect repellent. Used for centuries, garlic is one of the most effective natural healing substances in the world. It is popularly used…

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