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Everything you need for Natural Flea Control

Natural Flea Control

I know you are asking the question “How to get rid of fleas on dogs?” When you have dogs, you must ask this question. And I know you want something that works, is easy and convenient, safe to use and cost effective.

Americans spend millions annually trying to control fleas on their dog. Most of you share your homes with your dogs so you also have to be concerned with getting fleas in your home. And if you have ever had that happen, you know what a nightmare that can be.

You use flea shampoos, spot treatments, sprays, powders, and flea bombs. And if all else fails, you call in a professional exterminator.

Now, I have to mention here that popular flea products contain chemical pesticides.

The bad news is this. You’re poisoning the fleas to death. So what do you think it is doing to your pet, or to you and your family, as you are exposed to these pesticides year after year?

The good news is that there is another way to control fleas and ticks with out poisonous chemicals. Nature not only created those pesky bugs but gave us what we need to deal with them.

Talk about natural flea control, did you know that dogs who have a healthy functioning immune system are naturally unattractive to pests? Their bodies are able to naturally repel fleas, ticks, internal parasites and heartworms. You can strengthen your dogs immune system by feeding a good quality dog food free of grains and fillers, or better yet make your own. Try adding a  good immune building supplement like Daily Best for Dogs  to maintain optimal health in dogs.

Control fleas and ticks on your dog naturally with proven ingredients. Here is everything you need to keep your dog flea, tick and mosquito free! Natural Flea Control with No more toxic spot treatments. Three easy steps and NO MORE FLEAS.

3 Steps to Natural Flea Control

Step 1: Wash your dog in Flea Free Shampoo

Step 2:  Put our Natural Flea Repellent Collars on your dog

Step 3: Use No More Dog Fleas-Natural Flea and Tick Treatment  on dog, in bedding, kennel area, carpet or anywhere insects might live

It’s really pretty simple to control fleas and ticks in dogs naturally. By doing these 3 steps you can get rid of dog fleas.

You don’t have to continue to use poisonous pesticides to control dog fleas and ticks. Everything you need is right here at Alternative Animal. Do it for your dog, do it for yourself. Make your life easier and forget about fleas and ticks. Forget to worry. I like to forget to worry. And I like that I can take care of my pets needs while not harming them, others or the environment. How bout YOU?

To your pets,

Roxanna Whittington


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One thought on “Everything you need for Natural Flea Control

  1. These products are unbelievable. I have had dogs for 40 years and I have never had such a
    perfect combo of products. The best part is the dogs don’t have to have their health compromised. Wormfree natural is a miracle in itself. I used to have to give my dogs 3 containers of white chalky liquid that they hated and my horses had the tubs of some toxic tasting paste. Most Vets have really disappointed me with caring more about selling products that only cause tumors and cancers in our poor helpless pets. I am so grateful for people who strive to find natural products to care for the health of our precious babies. I wish everyone knew of these items.

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