Easy Natural Flea Prevention for Dogs and Cats

Can Natural Flea Prevention Be Easy?

Natural flea prevention

Natural, non-toxic flea prevention has always been a focus of mine. It’s that time of year again here in Middle Tennessee. The dreaded flea and tick season. Just yesterday, my cat Purlee and my dog Miss Poovey and I took a walk in the woods behind my house and I noticed a tick crawling on me when I got back. Ewwww… I hate ticks! They give me the creeps.

However, both Purlee and Miss Poovey were tick free! Both of them spend lots of time each day outside. So flea and tick prevention is an absolute necessity.

Finding something that works without poisoning them has been my top priority. And if you’ve ever had a flea infestation in your house, like I have, you know what a nightmare that can be. Flea prevention is just a  part of having four-legged family members.

So What Works?

There are many products on the market now. I see the commercials for the once a month topical treatments. They make it look so easy to apply the drops to your dog or cat, while cautioning you not to come into contact with the liquid and to wash your hands immediately after application.

So it’s safe to use on your pets but not safe for you? How are you supposed to avoid contact once you apply it? Don’t pet your dog or cat? Don’t let them in your house, on your furniture, in your bed. Your kids can’t play with them for fear of being poisoned? REALLY? It not only poisons the fleas and ticks on your dog or cat, but can potentially poison you and your family? BUT IT’S SAFE FOR YOUR PET? Yeah that’s just not an option for me.

Natural Flea Prevention

Natural Flea and tick prevention?

I believe that flea prevention is a two pronged approach. Inside and out. An animal that has a healthy immune system is better equipped to deal with insects on their own. But because they are constantly being bombarded with immune compromising chemicals in the air, food, water, not to mention vaccinations, drugs and unhealthy lifestyles, we need to help them out.

Here’s what I recommend. This natural approach has worked for my pets and will work for yours.

Natural feed thru flea and tick supplement:

Bug Zap Naturally-Natural Flea Prevention for dogs and cats is a once daily, feed thru herbal flea repellent that makes your pet unattractive to biting insects. Fleas, mosquitoes, ticks and other biting insects are naturally repelled. Add it to food once a day and forget to worry.

Here you can find a selection of popular products that were viewed and purchased by other customers based on your interests. Enjoy!

Keep your pets worm free:

Left untreated, worms can have devastating effects on your pets health. In some cases they can be fatal. Worms can cause anemia, weakness, malnutrition and weight loss. They can upset the delicate balance of intestinal flora and weaken the immune system. Probiotics help to restore the good intestinal bacteria to keep your pets immunity high. Worm Free Naturally contains probiotics and is a safe natural alternative to chemical dewormers. If you’re looking a quick herbal option try Herba-Worm Naturally to keep your pets naturally worm free.

Here you can find a selection of popular products that were viewed and purchased by other customers based on your interests. Enjoy!

 Supplement with kelp:

Kelp contains more than 70 vitamins and minerals. More than any other foodstuff. The trace-mineral content is among the highest of any known single source, but it’s also the iodine content in kelp that makes it especially good for your pet. Kelp enhances immune function, improves skin, coat, and is useful against cancer, heart disease, mange, old age problems, and thyroid gland regulation.

Diane Stein, in her book “The Natural Remedy Book for Dogs and Cats,” says after three weeks of kelp supplementation there is a noticeable reduction in fleas on animals who have an infestation. This suggests that kelp repulses fleas and that using the supplement regularly is a useful addition for flea prevention.

Here you can find a selection of popular products that were viewed and purchased by other customers based on your interests. Enjoy!

Natural flea prevention is really that easy. Imagine how great you will feel knowing that you’re not using harmful chemicals on your fur baby. And how how great your pet will feel being flea and tick free.

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