Devils Claw, Herbal Alternative to Bute for Horses?

Devils Claw, Herbal Alternative to Bute

Does Your Horse Need an Herbal Alternative to Bute?

If you’ve had a horse for very long chances are at some point your Vet has prescribed Bute. Bute is used for pain and inflammation in horses with acute injuries as well as chronic pain conditions like Arthritis and Laminitis. However Bute, like any drug, has negative side effects. And long term use may lead to stomach problems like ulcers. An herbal alternative to Bute used for hundreds of years is Devils Claw.

Trials have shown the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects to be comparable with cortisone and phenylbutazone, without the possible side effects of Bute. Scientific evidence supports the use of devil’s claw root to help relieve pain and inflammation in horses with arthritis and other painful disorders.

herbal alternative to bute

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As Effective as Bute

Adding Devil’s Claw as an equine feed supplement can help to relieve the general stiffness which is often evident as a horse or pony ages – sometimes it can be as effective as the prescribed medicines for treating equine arthritis.

Devils Claw uses:

  • joint problems
  • acute pain from injury
  • laminitis/founder
  • chronic osteoarthritis in horses
  • rehabilitation of bone, ligament, tendon and muscle injuries

Devil’s Claw: Herbal Alternative to Bute

Many herbal blends manufactured today include Devil’s Claw for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antioxidant properties. 

herbal alternative to bute

For centuries the indigenous people of South Africa have used this plant for multiple disorders . Today this plant is researched and used for osteoarthritis, bursitis, rheumatic pain, headaches, diabetes and to improve digestion. In horses it is useful when inflammation or pain is present due to arthritis or muscle pain. It can be useful as a tonic for older horses, and for horses who have suffered tendon or ligament damage in the past.  Source:  The Holistic Horse

Devils Claw works best when combined with other synergistic herbs like White Willow, Cats Claw, Meadowsweet, and Yucca.

Herbal Bute Naturally is a combination of anti-inflammatory herbs which reduce inflammation and pain with no side effects. Herbal Bute Naturally includes herbs Devils Claw and White Willow. Safe,100% natural botanical ingredients used for centuries for pain relief, which reduce shock, promote healing and clear the blood of toxic residues resulting from or involved in the pain process.

I purchased the Herbal Bute for a 22 year old semi-retired barrel horse. He has a bad left knee and we thought he would no longer be able to compete. A friend of mine recommended getting this product. He is doing wonderful now!!!!! Alot of the swelling in the knee has gone and his limp is almost gone too. He feels more like his old self every day. He now wants to go faster than the girl wants to go. Thank you for an awesome product. 

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Herbal Bute Naturally is a safe, healing, anti-inflammatory herbal alternative to bute which will support your horses healing, while making them more comfortable.

Have you used Devil’s Claw for your horse? Tell us about it!

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