Alternative Treatment for Horse Cushings Disease

Alternative Treatment for Horse Cushings Disease FAQ:

Is there an alternative to Prascend/Pergolide for horses?

Natural Cushing's Treatment for Horses

The drug Pergolide known also by the brand name Prascend is the prescribed drug treatment for cushing’s disease in horses. While it’s effectiveness is questionable, some horses refuse to take Prascend Pergolide or do not respond well to the treatment. Cushings Free Naturally is a natural cushing’s treatment for horses that is very palatable with no adverse side effects. 

What is the difference between pergolide and Prascend?

Prascend is the the brand name for the drug Pergolide

How to transition your horse from Prascend Pergolide to Cushings Free Naturally

liver detox for horses

If your horse is on Prascend/Pergolide you can go ahead and start your horse on Cushings Free Naturally and then start weaning off of Prascend/Pergolide. For a successful transition from Prascend/Pergolide you should start your horse on Cushings Free Naturally at the same time you start weaning off of Prascend/Pergolide. Add Cushings Free Naturally daily and give the Pergolide every other day for a week or so, then every 2 days and so on until they are completely off.

Cushings Free Naturally Dosage Recommendation: 1 scoop= 1 serving

Ponies, minis and small horses- 1 scoop/serving daily

Horses up to 1000lbs- 2 scoops/servings daily

Horses over 1000 lbs up to 1250 lbs- 3 scoops/servings daily

Over 1250 lbs- 4 scoops /servings daily

After they are off Prascend/Pergolide start a 30 day liver cleanse with Liver Cleanse Naturally. Pharmaceuticals can overwhelm the liver which can block the herbs from being utilized by the body. It’s important for the liver to function properly so we can get the best results from the herbal blends.

Adrenal Support Naturally is also a great addition for horses with Cushings (PPID), Laminitis/Founder, Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS), EPM, under stress from training, trailering, showing, competing, or vaccinations, or long term drug use. Adrenal Support Naturally helps to balance adrenal and pituitary activity promoting a healthy stress response and adrenal gland function.

How to manage pain from Laminitis/Founder?

If your horse has pain from laminitis or founder add Circu-Flow Naturally.  It helps horses with inflammatory problems by increasing blood flow and relieving pain. It also helps improve circulation to tissues, speed repair and possibly halt tissue damage. For extra pain relief or when there is excessive swelling use in combination with Herbal Bute Naturally for added support.

Can Cushings in horses be cured?

There is no known “Cure” for Cushing’s Disease in horses. With Cushing’s Free Naturally it is possible to balance the body and alleviate symptoms like long shaggy coat and delayed shedding after winter, low energy, laminitis/founder, increased sweating, muscle and weight loss, and excessive drinking and urinating. Restoring balance will allow your horse to return to normal exercise and live a long, productive, and happy life.

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