Probiotics-Top 6 Benefits of Probiotics for Animals

benefits of probiotics for animals

Probiotics for Animals?

Seems like I hear the word “Probiotics” everywhere lately. I see commercials and ads for Probiotics for people. But what about the benefits of Probiotics for animals? If they’re good for people are Probiotics also beneficial for pets?

I get asked asked a lot about the benefits of Probiotics for dogs, cats and horses. I’ll outline 6 benefits here.

1. Probiotics for Immunity

Science knows there are more than 100 trillion microorganisms that live in the gut microbiome . Live microorganisms (probiotics) communicate with immune cells to assist in regulating the immune response. Since as much as 70 percent of the immune system is located in the gut, those microorganisms support and strengthen immunity. Probiotics help maintain balance in the gut microbiome to reduce inflammation.

2. Probiotics for Diarrhea

The gut has good and bad bacteria. Probiotics are the good ones. When there is an imbalance and more bad than good, problems like diarrhea can occur. Live probiotic strains can assist in the reduction and duration of diarrhea. There is also clinical evidence that probiotics are beneficial in treating the serious condition called gastroenteritis.

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3. Probiotics for Constipation

The opposite problem of diarrhea is constipation. Because Probiotics work to balance the gut environment constipation can be quickly alleviated when the balance is restored.

4. Probiotics for Skin Problems

Many skin problems are the result of inflammatory response. The gut microbiome communicates with the skin and is a regulator of this inflammatory response. Adding live Probiotcs can help to strengthen that connection and alleviate some skin conditions.

Benefits of Probiotics for Animals

5. Probiotics for Allergies

Several published studies show that Probiotics may have the ability to regulate the body’s immune response to allergens. The belief is that probiotics work by increasing the body’s percentage of regulatory T-cells, which may increase tolerance to certain allergens.

6. Probiotics for Inflammation

Beneficial bacteria found in Probiotics appear to have an impact on inflammation, reducing common biomarkers of inflammation, including the C-reactive protein. Inflammation of the intestinal tract, results in increased intestinal permeability. This allows certain bacteria to cross the intestinal barrier, get into the bloodstream and trigger an inflammatory response. Probiotics have been shown to minimize the inflammation associated with increased intestinal permeability.

Benefits of Probiotics for Animals

Benefits of Probiotics for Animals

Humans aren’t the only animals that can benefit from probiotics? Gut health is just as important for our pets. Probiotics, along with a balanced, species appropriate diet, have proven to also be incredibly beneficial for pets.

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