Why does your dog scoot his butt?‏ The dog butt scoot

Does your dog do the dog butt scoot? The “dog butt scoot” is actually your dog trying to express her anal glands. These are two small sac-like glands around her rectum that normally secretes a brownish liquid when your dog has a bowel movement

Sometimes, especially in smaller dogs, these glands can get clogged and cause your dog to do the scoot.  This can be a major problem if your dog can’t unclog them on their own. Besides scooting, you will notice a very pungent, fishy odor coming from their back end that you just can’t ignore.  She may try biting or licking her back end to express it too.

There are other reasons your dog may be scooting including food allergies, worms, or some dog poop stuck to their fur. You will notice that if anal glands are the actual problem, though, you will definitely smell that distinct fishy odor.


Scoot Bars for Dogs 
Scoot Bars for Dogs

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