What have you missed? New wonderful natural pet supplements that meet my strict requirements!

Spring is in the air!

The weather here in East Tennessee has been so mild this winter. Right now we have trees budding and flowers popping up. They are a bit confused with the 60 degree days we are having. We have had lots of rain, which is a good thing, but also creates a muddy mess, which makes it hard on the horses and me when I go out to feed them. But I will take mud over snow and below freezing temperatures any ole time.

[quote style=”boxed”]The fate of animals is of greater importance to me than the fear of appearing ridiculous; it is indissolubly connected with the fate of men. Émile Zola[/quote]

Aside from feeding horses, I have been steadily working on Alternative Animal and adding many more new and wonderful natural pet supplements that meet my strict requirements. Alternative Animal is transforming into the dream that I envisioned of a one stop shopping experience for those of you seeking natural, holistic, and alternative products for caring for you beloved pets. If you haven’t looked around lately, see what you have missed  HERE.


I now carry equine products from U.S. Animal of Vermont.

I am very impressed with what they offer for Natural Horse Supplements. For instance, they offer many of their natural horse supplements in powder and pellet form so you have a choice. For horses that are laminitic, foundered, or IR, the powder is a great option because they cannot tolerate the molasses that is in most pelleted supplements. See our new Horse Supplements HERE.

My product  Wormfree Naturally, is now available at AMAZON and Ebay.

This is very exciting because it opens Wormfree Naturally up to a much broader audience that might never have known they had an alternative option for de worming their animals. Wormfree Naturally for cats is the best seller right now. Evidently there are a bunch of wormy kitty cats out there.

What products are you looking for? What problems are you facing with your pet that you need an alternative option for? I welcome your feedback. After all, I created this website for you so that you could make better decisions for your animals care. I look forward to hearing your requests!

To your pets,

Roxanna Whittington