The Absolute Worst Horror of Pet Food Ingredients

Dog and CatPet Food Ingredients Revealed

Prepare to be disgusted by what you read…..

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“The use of euthanized pets in pet food has been suspect for years.  Now, Spain is in the middle of a full investigation that will finally prove the absolute worst horrors of pet food.  It has been stated many of the pet foods involved “have international presence and some are among the most prominent of the animal feed industry…………….


“There are millions of homeless pet euthanized each week in animal shelters.  Millions in the U.S. alone.  Most animal shelters cannot afford a crematory; proper burial is out of the question.  Federal law prohibits the burial of euthanized pets (any animal) in land fills.  (Read It’s Killing Eagles but FDA says it’s safe for our pets and thisFish and Wildlife report) So these millions of dog and cat bodies – each week – are picked up by a renderer.  I’ll spare you the gory details.  They ultimately become animal feed (including pet food) ingredients such as meat and bone meal, meat meal (generic), animal digest and animal fat.  And as the Report to Congress told us, these ingredients sourced from euthanized dogs and cats become pet food, animal food, body lotions, and even children’s crayons.”

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It’s like Soylent Green only…… for pets.

If you’ve never seen the movie watch this video.

How can you keep turning a blind eye?

You are an animal lover or you wouldn’t be here reading this blog on Natural Animal Care. There are all kinds of natural and alternative products to address various ailments your pets may have. But are you overlooking the one big factor that may be the cause? Pet Food Ingredients! I’m sure you  have heard that old saying “You are what you eat”. But have you thought about it in terms of your pets?

You want to know what you are feeding your pets. I do too. Just what are petfood ingredients? Here’s a free report that I have put together for you that will give you a great start on understanding and reading pet food labels. It’s a free download, once you’ve opened it just hit save.

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Really the more outraged we become as a group, the more we can demand changes by supporting companies who use only the best ingredients, or better yet, by making our own food and taking the money out of their pockets. I certainly have no intention of supporting any pet food company that puts my animal’s life in danger.

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