Rabies, Pasteur And The Rabies Vaccine

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Rabies Past Present in Scientific Review

By Millicent Morden (Physician & Surgeon)

Rabies was an old superstition — a relic of the times when devils ran to and fro between animal and man carrying disease.

Pasteur, who had previously had a hemorrhage of the brain, changed this old superstition into a money-making disease.

Rabies is now a pet child of the Vivisection Trust which works internationally.

If vivisection has proven anything it has proven the impossibility of man contracting any real disease from a dog.

How long will filthy lucre keep the facts from the fooled public?

In early times, as recorded in articles available in old libraries, the kiss of a king would cure rabies. It was later discovered that a piece of the king’s garment would be as efficacious.

Still later the “mad stone” when applied over the area of the bite would “draw out the madness”. Later some of the “hair of the dog that bit you” could either be chewed and swallowed or bound on the wound.

A still later discovery was that which employed an extract of “wild cockroach”.

In 1806 a Mr. Kraus was awarded $1000, by the then rulers of New York temtory for his scientific discovery which had kept rabies out of New York for Over twenty years. His formula is a matter of record and consisted of the ground-up jaw bone of an ass or dog, a piece of colt’s tongue and the green rust off a penny of George the First reign.

This latter seems to have kept rabies out of the limelight until the time of Pasteur. Medicine has heard much of the startling cure of Joseph Meister by Pasteur. Little mention is made of the fact that three relatives of the Meister boy were bitten by the same dog and without benefit of the Pasteur treatment recovered completely.

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