Welcome to Alternative Animal Natural Pet Products

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Welcome and thanks for stopping by. This is my first Alternative Animal blog post
and I’m super excited.
It’s been quite an adventure so far and I am learning so much. When I built my
first website www.wormfreenaturally.com last year I swore I would never build
another one. Famous last words.
So here I am with the launch of www.alternativeanimal.com and I couldn’t be more
proud. It is my intention to continue to add natural pet products
to this site that offer a better way to those who are asking. It is my commitment to
you to only carry natural pet products that I  believe in totally.
Please tell me what you want? What are YOU using that is working? I love to
support other small business owners so if you know of something, I would love to
hear about it. What are some of the questions or challenges you are experiencing.
It is my motto that there is always a better way. That’s what Alternative Animal is
about, finding the better way. I am always searching and asking. My first product
Wormfree Naturally has been spectacularly successful. I never dreamed it would
turn into this! It came purely from my own commitment to my animals and asking
the questions. I came up with a product that not only aswers the question of how
to I rid my animals of parasites safely, but it is beneficial as well! Imagine that? A
I truly believe that we can, and we have the responsibilityto make the best
choices for our animals. They can’t choose for themselves. The time is now to
open our minds and hearts and find the better way!
I invite you along on my journey and look forward to your comments and questions.

To your pets,
Roxanna Whittington