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Is the Bitless Bridle for You?Bitless Bridle

First, I just want to say a great ole big thanks to everyone who has been reading my blog and commenting. I love hearing your feedback, stories and questions. Please feel free to leave your comments right on this blog. I will respond and look forward to hearing and learning from you. Do you have a story? I’d love to hear it!
I wanted to continue sharing my story and my thoughts on Alternative Horsemanship. I have been researching new products to bring into the Alternative Animal lineup, and I am so pleased at the amount of information and products that are now available. Good things are on the way, I’ll keep you informed.
I definitely sense a paradigm shift happening in the horse world as well as the world in general. It seems so many of you are just tired of the same ole, same ole and looking for natural, and more kind, humane options in caring for your animals. It’s time to wake up. Animals are not things. They deserve the very best we can do for them.
I recently saw a friend’s dog that I hadn’t seen in a few years. As we came into his house, she was on the couch and did not wake up as we entered. This startled me and I commented that she didn’t seem to hear us. He responded that she had had an ear infection, and the anti-biotics that the Vet gave her, took away the infection, ALONG WITH HER HEARING! I was stunned and broken hearted all at the same time. This beautiful, amazing, vibrant ceature was now not able to hear. I had to push back tears and so did he. He didn’t know that there were other, safe, natural options that he could have tried first, and only used the anti-biotics as a last resort. He just didn’t know. Well, now he does, but it’s too late.
That really got me thinking……
I thought about how my animals have been my greatest teachers. How my horses refusal to accept pain as a means of training caused me to wake up. To look for another way. One of the first positive changes I made was that I stopped using bits and switching to a bitless bridle. And believe me, I got plenty of not so positive feedback from friends, riding buddies and even my riding instructor. But, I was determined and I found a way. My first try was a regular western hackamore, which was better, but it still wasn’t exactly right. Then I found Dr. Cooks Bitless Bridle and everything changed.

This is the one I first used and still use it today when I am starting a new horse. And while I transition my horses out of it eventually, it can be used in place of your regular bitted bridle from now on. I have recommended it over and over again to clients and friends. It’s a wonderful option and I highly recommmend it.

Here is another version made by Hilason, I haven’t used this one but it looks like a good bridle for the money.

There are also several books I will recommend if you are considering going bitless. It does require a different approach so it’s good to be prepared.

And if you are, please give it a try. You may learn a lot about your horse and yourself in the process. If I can do it you can! Open your heart/mind to a better way. Horses do not have to endure pain to be well behaved, respectful, and joyous riding partners. But if that is all they have known, you may experience a little transition time. But, be patient, don’t give up. It will truly change your realationship with your horse. And, this would make a great gift for the hard to buy for Horse Person in your life.

I think I’ll go for a ride now.

To your pets,
Roxanna Whittington