Natural Horsemanship – What does it really mean? Part 3

Thanks so much for all of the wonderful feedback on my previous blog posts. I thought I would continue with part 3.

As I began to start to think differently about what was possible with the Horse/Human relationship, I devoured books. Books on animal communication, equine assisted therapy, natural training methods. I was hungry. Hungry for a better way and damned determined to find it. And what I found along the way, was so much more that I ever realized I even looking for. I found me? I started to realize that my horses were mirroring me? When I first read that concept I had a hard time with it. I didn’t not believe it, I just couldn’t see how it applied to me. Now, looking back it seems so naive of me, but it’s just where I was in my capacity to understand at that time.
Here is only a partial list of the books I read and had a big influence on me. Click on any one to go straight to Amazon to read more.

What Horses Say
Be With Your Horse
The Tao of Equus
Dancing With Horses
It’s Not About the Horse

This is by no means a comprehensive list but some that had the most profound effect on me.

Ultimately, I began to change. And as I began to change the way I was thinking and being, my horses behavior transformed as well. Now that’s not to say that there weren’t some external adjustments that had to be made in the way of proper tack, saddle fit etc. But everything was changing. My whole approach was changing. I learned how incredibly necessary proper saddle fit was from Dr. Joyce Harmon and her wonderful book

 The Horse’s Pain-Free Back and Saddle-Fit Book

I started reading magazines such as Natural Horse, Equine Wellness, and Holistic Horse. I started learning about Natural Hoofcare and that horses do not need metal shoes. I started learning that horses health can be improved with proper diet, herbs, homeopathy, accupuncture, body work, energy work such as Reiki, chiropractic, and animal communication. I was opening up to what was possible. And it has been an incredible journey so far. And as the saying goes, it is the journey not the destination. A man I know who is in his 60’s, and had has had horses all his life told me one day, “I don’t care how long you’ve had horses, there’s always something new to learn.” I knew there was truth in his statement.

To be continued ………………..

To your Pets,

Roxanna Whittington

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  1. Thanks for listing those books, they’re great resources.
    You mentioned natural hoof care, I’ve been searching for good quality dvds or books about hoof trimming. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Thanks for your response. For Natural Hoof Trimming, I recommend anything by Pete
      Ramey. Particularly his DVD series Under The Horse. I trim his method and quite frankly it just works. Pete is a wonderful teacher and and if you follow his advice you can’t go wrong. Good luck on your website.

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