My 6 Rules for Turning Ideas Into Reality

As I start into the new year, I have been feeling incredibly enthusiastic and grateful. I have heard from so many of you who encourage me on this Alternative Animal adventure. Thank you for your support. You tell me how lucky I am to be doing what I love, and I say to you “Yes I am”! I really feel like the luckiest person in the world. I have never been more sure of anything. And I wish the same for you. If I can do it you can.

When I started I just had an idea. I didn’t have any clue “how”. But I knew that I wanted to work at something that is good for animals, humans and Mother Earth. I had no way of knowing when I created Wormfree Naturally, that it would grow into Alternative Animal. None at all. But, I knew it was a good idea and I felt completely sure of it. I had never done anything like it and I had a lot of learning to do. So, I racked my brain to come up with resources. Who did I know that could/would help. I had no money but was willing to work hard. And ya know what happened? Within days I was connecting with people who knew how to do the things I didn’t. It was like they came out of the woodwork as soon as I started asking. And they really wanted to help. I got so much support. Everyone said you can do this. It’s a great idea.    1. People want to help.

It hasn’t happened overnight and I have made some mistakes. And I have learned from my mistakes. But nothing so bad that it stopped me. Actually it just compelled me to work harder. We learn the most from mistakes, so I always see them as gifts. Really, there’s no mistakes, just what you do or don’t do. And then, what you do with that. I can look back over my life and see the gift and blessings in everything, that at the time I was going through, seemed like the end of the world. But now I can see how every experience has shaped my life and the person I am becoming. I am grateful for every experience, good and bad. Honestly.    2. Everything happens for a reason.

You too can do what I am doing. Of that I have no doubt. What is your secret wish? What is the great idea you have had but didn’t know how to make it a reality? What gives you the most joy? A long time ago I had a really smart friend and one day, as I was complaining about my job that I hated, he said to me “Roxanna, find something you love and create yourself a job out of it”. That simple. Just like that. He had done this with several businesses of  his own, so I knew he was right. I never forgot that and while it would take years for me to follow his advice, what good advice it is. Now, that is exactly
what I have done.    3. Listen to people smarter than you.

Having an internet based business has really been a huge opportunity for growth. I continue to learn something new, daily. It’s not like anything else I have ever done. Because of the nature of the internet and technology, it is constantly changing. You have to keep up, or you will ge left behind. Fortunately, there are people out there who do keep up and are willing to share what they know. A web based business is different from other businesses. There are different rules that apply. But, there is so much opportunity for enterperneurs to make their dream into a reality. Have you heard of Amazon, Ebay, Google? Those household names that everyone on the planet knows were once just an idea somebody had.    4.Think big.

The best decision I have ever made was to get involved in my industry. I have an internet based business. It’s important to connect with others who have successful internet businesses so you can learn what to do and what not to do. This summer I attended an internet marketing seminar which completely changed everything. The presenters were some of the best in the industry and I got to know people who were already succesful at online marketing and who wanted to share and help me.(refer to rule number 1) Many have since become friends and I can call on them when I need help. I found a Mentor, Connie Ragen Green, and by doing what she said, Alternative Animal became reality. She is already a very succesful Internet Marketing Coach so I listened and she has been right.    5. When the student is ready the teacher appears. 

Connie’s latest book

The only thing that held me back for years was not believing. Who was I to think I could make a living doing what I loved? That’s not how it’s done. That’s not how my parents did it, or their parents. I have had jobs I really liked and jobs I hated. And I was good at all of them. Another piece of advice was given to me by a co-worker one time when I had won an award for being the top producer in my company. I hated the job and what I was selling but I was good at it. She said to me “You’re the type that would be good at anything you do. Why don’t you have your own business? And work this hard for you”? Again that stuck with me. I hadn’t ever thought of it that way. It hadn’t occured to me that I could be working that hard for myself and I could be successful.    6. Do what you love, it won’t seem like work and the money will follow.

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I hope as you have been reading this you have been inspired. The bud of your great idea is just waiting to blossom into a beautiful flower.

I’ll end this with one of my favorite quotes:

“How does one become a butterfly? You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpiller”


Here’s to turning your dreams into a reality!

Roxana Whittington