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Why is the horse’s immune system so important?Horse Immunity Booster

The three key influencing factors on a horse’s immune system are psychological calm, nutrition, and age. Certain activities (such as strength in a performance or a race) and outside influences can contribute to added pressure on the immune system.

Horse breeders, trainers and racers often times find themselves confronting challenges when it comes to the health of their horses. Traveling to shows can place a horse under strain. Likewise, contact with other horses can also lead to risks for the immune system. Most riders will tell you that they have an intrinsic ability to know how well their horses are performing. Responsible horse owners know that a strong immune system is the best ally for improving performance, and the best line of defense! Equine immune support can be a frustrating process as horses have specialized needs.

The natural way

Nutrition is by far the most important when it comes to the task of supporting the equine immune system. Horses need different levels of feed and nutrition in their diet depending on age, current weight, activity level and overall health. An active horse’s diet should be a delicate balance of the right proteins, grains, hay, minerals, vitamins, supplements, water intake and the proper digestions of these substances. Food and dry feed should be high in quality and portion control should be adhered to.”

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What is EQuine Immunity Booster?

EQuine Immunity Booster blend contains a combination of specially selected herbs known for their ability to support immune functioning and promote vitality.

There is a great deal of evidence to suggest that the use of carefully chosen herbal ingredients can play a big role in improving immune functioning. Along with the correct lifestyle choices, our herbal remedies can make all the difference to your horse’s health.

EQuine Immunity Booster is a loose herbal blend and can be added to horse feed daily – quick and easy with no fuss.


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