Giving Your Cat Medication, Tips & Tricks

[fbshare type=”button”] [box type=”alert” size=”large” style=”rounded”]Take advantage of FREE Shipping on orders over $20 at Alternative Animal now![/box] There are times in every cat’s life when he will need to take medication and or natural cat supplements of some sort.  Cat owners who have been through this know how hard it can be getting the cat to cooperate.  Below are a few suggestions that may help in your endeavor.

The first choice is to hide medication or natural cat supplements in some of your cat’s favorite food.  This may not always be easy, as in the case of capsules or pills.  The cat’s keen sense of smell will also be a problem, so it is advisable to pick some of the smelliest food you can if you use this method.

Liquid medication or natural cat supplements work well mixed into food, especially salmon.  The liquid mixes well with the oils and is almost undetectable by your cat.  If at all possible, ask your use medication or natural cat supplements in liquid form.

Crushing a pill or emptying a capsule into food is risky.  The taste and smell is often bitter and easily detectable by the cat.  If you must use this method, make sure whatever you use is sufficiently strong in both smell and taste.  It will also be necessary to make sure your cat eats the entire portion in order to get all the medicine into his system.

Many natural cat remedies are available in treat form for cats. This makes it so much easier to address health problems and supplement your cat naturally. Click Here to see what’s available for your cat. One of my favorites is Hairball treats. My cats love these and if you have ever had a cat with a hairball, you know what an experience it can be trying get your cat to pass the hairball. You can now prevent them safely and naturally in a treat that your cat will love, and its so much easier than trying to force something.

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If you must give medication to your cat without the benefit of food, pick him up by the back of his neck like a mother cat.  This will render him momentarily unmovable.  Gently pry open his mouth and place the medication as far back as possible.  Holding his mouth gently closed, stroke his throat.  This will cause a reflexive swallowing reaction.  Once the medication is down, give him cuddles.

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