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PMS Soother for Moody Mares

A Moody Mare Supplement That Helps Support Normal Emotional Balance & Curbs Destructive Behavior

“Thank you so much. We have our three year old mare on PMS and it has saved us all! One of our many boarders had their mare the more expensive “regu- mate” It wasn’t working for them. I told them about our experience with PMS. They now have their mare on it too, and are now able to work her. Again, thank you and please keep this product.”

A blend of herbs known to balance the hormonal system of the mare. May help to alleviate symptoms associated with pain and mental anxiety. Helps to maintain calmness by supporting normal emotional balance.

Recommended Amount: 1 oz. twice daily based on 1,000 lb horse.

(1 ounce scoope provided)

PMS Soother for Moody Mares 3lb~$54PMS Soother for Moody Mares 5lb~$76PMS Soother for Moody Mares 10lb~$123

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