End Hairballs with this Cat Hairball Remedy

Make Cat Hairballs a Thing of the PastHairball Relief Plus For Cats Liquid

 Hairball Relief Plus is a state-of-the-art cat hairball remedy that helps minimize hairball formation by supporting healthy skin, coat and G.I. tract function.

Hairball Relief Plus comes in a delicious chicken flavored liquid that cats love. Unique Whole Health Formula cat hairball remedy.
 Hairball Relief Plus is a breakthrough formula to help limit hairball formation and subsequent vomiting of the hairball. It minimizes shedding and supports skin tone, elasticity, and hair health. Hairball Relief Plus focuses on factors that predispose cats to hairballs such as skin, G.I. tract, and urinary tract health issues, which can lead to excessive grooming.

 Hairball Relief Plus Cat Hairball Remedy:

  • Is Not a Laxative or Lubricant. Laxatives and lubricants should be used sparingly as they can disrupt normal feline digestion.
  • Contains No Mineral Oil.  Mineral oil disrupts normal digestion and blocks nutrient absorption in cats and should be used with caution.
  • Contains No Diuretic Herbs.  Diuretic herbs in some hairball products may actually dehydrate your pet, reduce skin moisture, cause skin and coat dysfunction, and increase hairball formation.

Cat hairball remedy


Skin and Hair Health Support

  •  Lecithin supports nail, hair, and skin health as well as skin hydration and resiliency. Healthy skin directly influences how well the hair will grow, function, and shed. Deficiencies of Lecithin may lead to loss of skin elasticity, dryness, scaliness, increased fur matting, discoloration of hair, lack of hair regrowth, and increased shedding.
  •  Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids along with Lecithin have been added to support skin hydration, resiliency, and hair health to help minimize shedding. These Fatty Acids not only provide essential fats for skin and coat condition, but they also protect the G.I. tract and help in the removal of  hairballs that may have formed.
  • Biotin is needed for healthy hair and skin.
  •  Methionine is a sulfur containing amino acid commonly lacking in feline diets. It supports hair strength, quality, and health. It also supports skin tone and pliability.
  • Zinc is involved in keratin and collagen production, which is important for hair and skin health. Zinc is required for fatty acid metabolism. It also helps maintain healthy skin tissue and hair follicles, which helps to minimize shedding.
  • Cranberry Powder helps to support the urinary tract, which is a common area of irritation in cats that can cause excessive grooming and shedding.