Dogs and Compulsive Itching

 Does your Dog bite and scratch himself uncontrollably?white dog

I recently ran across some startling information while researching an upcoming article. It was about a dog who had been put on a monthly heartworm preventative (drug) at the urging of his Vet. Bear in mind the dog did not test positive for heartworm, this was merely preventative. Shortly thereafter, the dog developed compulsive and uncontrollable itching. It was so bad that he would scratch and chew open wounds in his skin.

The Vet recommended cortisone shots (another drug) to help control the itching. This would work for a little while then the uncontrollable itching would return. Finally the Dog’s person realized that it had all started when the Dog was put on heartworm preventative and put two and two together.

When the heartworm medicine was stopped, like magic, the itching went away.

That really got me thinking and I have to admit it made me mad and sad all at the same time. How much are we being mislead by, albeit, well meaning Vets, who prescribe medications just because that’s all they know how to do? And you really can’t blame them! They are just using the tools they have in their toolbox, i.e. drugs. They are not trained to use natural and holistic options. They are trained to address symptoms, or in the case of heartworms, possibilities. It’s no different than when we humans go to the doctor and get pills. We want a quick fix, but to what end? All drugs have side effects. Some worse than the condition they are treating.

Sorry but that just doesn’t make sense to me. Why would you essentially poison your Dog for something that MIGHT happen? I recently published an article on natural heartworm prevention you can read it HERE. It’s time to wake up and think about what we are doing to our pets and ourselves.

You can keep your Dog healthy by feeding a pure diet free of common allergens like corn and wheat and chemical preservatives. And supplement their diet with  Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids which support healthy skin and coat.

Here’s a couple of great choices that I highly recommend.

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It’s time to take control of you pets health with a back to nature approach.

To your Pets,

Roxanna Whittington