Does your dog need a dog diet?

Dog Diet?

Is your dog overweight? Has your vet told you your dog needs to lose weight? What”s the key for weight loss for dogs?

[quote style=”boxed”]A recent survey indicates over 50 percent of America’s pet population is overweight or obese.[/quote]


K-9 Slim Down™ bone-shaped chews for dogs contains the clinically tested carb blocker Phase 2 Pet® to support weight loss for dogs. We are one of the first companies to introduce a Phase 2 Pet® weight loss product for dogs. Phase 2 Pet® contains the first scientifically proven all natural white bean extract for neutralizing starch to support weight loss. Phase 2 Pet® is shown to cut starch absorption up to 75%, so it reduces absorption of carbohydrate calories to support weight loss without the use of stimulants.

Now there’s an easy way to help your dog slim down. You’re gonna give them treats anyway. Why not make it count.

K-9 Slim Down™ Chews Weight Loss for Dogs