Another Dog Treat Recall – Don’t make this mistake

Charlee Bear Dog Treat Recall

Charlee Bear Dog Products of Madison, Wis., voluntarily recalled some of its Protein Crunch Bars due to possible Salmonella contamination.

The treats were distributed nationally in September and October 2012, the company stated.

The potential for widespread contamination was noted after a sample of the Chicken Recipe with Carrots variety tested positive for salmonella. Charlee Bear is recalling that lot number and additional lot numbers manufactured under contract by another company.

The recalled Protein Crunch Bars come in 5.5-ounce bags and include:

Chicken Recipe with Carrots (UPC 8710890000)
Lot number 19812 and best-by date of 07-16-2015
Lot number 19912 and best-by date of 07-17-2015
Lot number 20012 and best-by date of 07-18-2015
Lot number 20212 and best-by date of 07-20-2015

Chicken Recipe with Sweet Potatoes (UPC 8710890001)
Lot number 20112 and best-by date of 07-19-2015

No animal or human illnesses have been linked to the products, the company added. Symptoms of salmonella poisoning in pets include lethargy, diarrhea, fever and vomiting. People who handle contaminated pet products may exhibit similar symptoms.

Consumers who purchased any of the recalled lots are being urged to return the treats to the place of purchase for a refund.

Pet owners or retailers with questions may email or call 800-396-8893.

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