Alleviate Allergies and Hot Spots in Cats and Dogs

Your pet deserves to be free of allergies and hot spots.

Soothe and support your pet’s skin with the SkinSoothe ComboPack for Pets, a selection of natural remedies to allergies and hot spotshelp alleviate allergies and hot spots in cats and dogs.

This 100% natural combo features two popular pet remedies:Allergy Itch Ease and Skin and Coat Tonic.

Allergy Itch Ease contains homeopathic ingredients that soothe and relieve skin itch, hot spots and allergies. Skin and Coat Tonic contains herbs that promote shiny and glossy coats.

Together, these remedies give your dog or cat the allergy relief and skin support that are essential for a happy life.  Get them in one convenient package — the SkinSoothe ComboPack for Pets.

Allergy Itch Ease

Allergy Itch Ease is a 100% homeopathic formula that contains the following ingredients in therapeutic dosage: Arum triph (6C), Chamomilla (12C), Cina (6C), Comocladia (6C), Sucrose, and Viola tric (6C).

  • Arum triph (6C) has been used for centuries to support the skin and address itchiness, burning sensations on the skin, and redness. This remedy suits those animals that tend to worsen in the wind and have skin issues with the change of seasons.
  • Viola tri (6C) is known for its ability to help common afflictions of the skin. This remedy is particularly beneficial when addressing common itchiness that pops up over different parts of the body. In addition, it also helps stimulate general routine detoxification.
  • Comocladia (6C) is used in homeopathy to address redness of the skin. This remedy also helps calm commonly inflamed or irritated tissue.
  • Chamomilla (12C) has been used as a soothing remedy for centuries. This well-known remedy in homeopathic potency suits animals that tend to scratch during the day but more frequently at night.
  • Cina (6C) is used to support the skin from the inside out on a cellular level. It’s also frequently recommended for animals that tend to twitch and jump in an agitated fashion, as so often happens when your pet’s skin is itchy and irritated.
  • Sucrose (inactive ingredient)

Skin and Coat Tonic

Skin and Coat Tonic is a 100% herbal formula that contains the following ingredients: Bladderwrack, Dandelion, Horsetail, Kali sulph, Lactose, and Spirulina.

  • Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) has been widely used in Western and Chinese herbalism for many centuries. This herb provides tissue support due to its high silica content. Silica is essential in the maintenance of healthy skin, bones, claws, and fur. It is the main component in all connective body tissues, including the myelin sheaths around nerve cells and the membranes of the brain and spinal cord. It also contains health-promoting compounds called sterols. (D’Agostino, M., Dini, A., Pizza, C., Senatore, F., and Aquino, R. &ldquoSterols from Equisetum arvense.” Boll.Soc Ital.Biol Sper. 12-30-1984; 60(12):2241-2245.)
  • Dandelion (Taraxacum officinalis) is also a source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, D, and C; various B Vitamins; iron; lecithin; silicon; potassium; magnesium; zinc; and manganese. It has also been researched for its ability to soothe the skin. (Schutz, K., Carle, R., and Schieber, A. “Taraxacum–a review on its phytochemical and pharmacological profile.” J Ethnopharmacol 10-11-2006; 107(3):313-323.)
  • Spirulina (Arthrospira platenis) is a single-celled microorganism that is found in the sea and is widely used as a source of chlorophyll. Used for its nutritive properties, Spirulina contains protein, vitamins (including B12 and folic acid) and carotenoids. This sea algae has been used for thousands of years to support energy, the immune system, and liver functioning. Spirulina has also been used for all-around systemic health.
  • Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosis) is a sea vegetable that is a concentrated source of minerals, including iodine, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron. Regular use will also support skin and coat condition via thyroid support.
  • Kali Sulph is a biochemic tissue salt that is essential for the body and for supporting cell membranes. Kali sulph also helps maintain health and balance in the skin and underlying tissue.
  • Lactose (inactive ingredient)