14 Horses are poisoned by horse wormer-Warning this may make you angry!

I wanted to share a post that came through my FB from Earth Song Ranch.

“WARNING!!! ZIMECTRIN GOLD WORMER ALLERGIC REACTION! We wormed 14 horses this morning at 8:00am and 9 out of 14 have swollen oral mucosa (inner cheek lining), swollen tongue, drooling and are lethargic! Called Merial Drug Co and reported the adverse reactions (case number 12-33284). They admitted it is a problem but they don’t know what causes it. Merial said to never use Zimectrin Gold on those horses again. I won’t be using it on ANY horse ever again!” Melissa Neal

~~~~~~~I really hope this horrifies you, just as it does me.~~~~~~~

I wrote a report about this very topic. It’s available as my free gift to you. Just put your request into the big green box to the right and you’ll have instant access.Trust me you’ll want to go and  get your free copy now.

This is the kinda thing that just sickens me and honestly makes me mad as hell. I hear these kinds of things over and over again. The chemicals in conventional wormers are POISON!

I don’t know how I can be more clear than that. Now I know this is about horses but conventional wormers for horses, dogs and cats, all contain toxic chemicals that poison your pet every time you dose them. It’s so Unnecessary!

Treating you pet for worms is necessary, however. They’re gonna get them just because of the diet and lifestyle that we have set up for them.

If they were in the wild, eating what they wanted and moving around all the time, they would be much less likely to develop a problem. But when animals are forced to live where they deficate, i.e yards, kennels, litter boxes, horse stalls and pasture, it’s unavoidable.

I shared this because this is exactly why I created Wormfree Naturally, natural wormer. I am determined to make the world a better place, one animal at a time. I don’t want one more animal to suffer needlessly.


I am determined to inform anyone who is willing to listen that you are poisoning your pets! If it makes you uncomfortable, then maybe that’s a good thing. Your pet can’t speak for itself. They depend on you and the choices you make.

I am always uncomfortable when I hear that an animal is in distress from something as needless as this. So I hope that these horses have not suffered in vain, and that this is enough to wake up more people to care for your pets more naturally.

Natural pet products are available, they work and in most cases more cost effective than conventional treatment. Natural pet products have NO adverse side effects, are better for the earth, and enhance the health of your pet.

Because I feel so strongly about this I wanted to do something besides just venting here in this blog. Because I don’t want another animal to be poisoned I’m willing to offer Wormfree Naturally nearly at my cost. I want everyone who has a pet to have this product.   


It’s simple.

It works, it’s not only safe but beneficial for animals and it’s on sale! I’ve never done this sort of thing and I may not ever do it again. But this is important. So don’t miss this chance.

For the next couple days I am offering Wormfree Naturally, natural pet wormer, at a big savings. SAVE 40%


Wormfree Naturally natural wormer, comes in 3 sizes, 1lb, 3lb, and 6lb. If you are not sure what size you need, just let me know and we’ll figure it out.


The 1lb is for cats and small to medium dogs.

The 3lb is for larger or multiple dogs and horses and mules.

The 6lb size is great for multiple animalhouseholds and multiple horses and livestock.

Wormfree Naturally natural de wormer, can actually be used to de worm most animals including chickens, goats, sheep etc. Just let me know if you need dosage instructions for any of these.

[quote style=”boxed”]“I am so happy to find a product that is natural for all my pets. 6 dogs 2 horses and a mule are alot of animals and alot of meds. This natural wormer has changed the life of all my animals. I have seen worms dry up after a couple days with this product. My pets all look great and I know feel great. This is a miracle and its inexpensive to boot. I highly recommend wormfree too everyone with a pet you love!! ” LL Eidson, TN[/quote]

This sale ends at 12:00PM Thursday. So get your patooty on over to alternativeanimal.com and show your pet you love them enough to make a better choice.


Got questions? I wannna hear them! I would love to hear that you are just as incensed as I am about this. I am counting on you to share this with everyone you know who has a pet they love.

Together we can change the world, one pet at a time.

To your pets,
Roxanna Whittington



10 Comments On “14 Horses are poisoned by horse wormer-Warning this may make you angry!”

  1. What is in the wormer?

    • Food grade diatomaceous earth and probiotics

      • I just started using food grade diatomaceous earth and garlic on our horses. Will see how it works over the next year. I have read lots of great things about it,

        • Good for you! I actually have been considering adding a Wormfree Naturally w/ Garlic product to my line up. I have one customer that special orders it that way from me. I was able to save her quite a bit of money by combining it that way. I wondered if there was enough of a need to actually offer it as another product. What’s your thoughts on this? Would you be interested in an all in one product?

  2. Your product links don’t work. Every time I click on your WormFreeNaturally or Buy links, I get an error message that says “You do not have permission to preview drafts.”

  3. Please e mail me a label with the ingredients of this product.

  4. Only 2 ingredients.Food grade diatomaceous earth and probiotics.

  5. Was this the first time the horses were treated with Zimectrin Gold? I have used it many years and have not had a problem, My vet just resently recommended it.

    • I don’t have that information. The point I’m trying to make is that it is not necessary to use any chemical wormers. If this happened once, it’s too many times. Even if there is no acute reaction, the long term effects of the chemicals are detrimental to the animals health. Do regular fecals and if your pet needs de worming then choose a natural option.

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